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CORD CUTTING Treatment with Elina

NOTICE: Please secure a bundle of white sage to cleanse you aura with it after the cord cutting session with Elina.

cord cutting

In the first session, Elina will identify cords, perform cord cutting and assist you with EFT rewiring to ensure those cords don’t end up returning. Then, you are to receive a guided journaling process and a guided meditation invoking the Violet Flame that you must do on your own after the clearing with Elina. A couple of days to a week later, a follow up session is to take place, where Elina will do an energy scan and infuse your energy centers with light energy. All the above (2 sessions + guided process + meditation) are included in the price you are paying – no extra costs.

WHY CORD CUTTING? First off, if you felt you needed to be here, then you probably know innerly that you have some cording going on.

Energy cords (also called etheric cords) are strands of energy that allow the transmission of information, energy, and emotion between people. We cord with people, places, pets, relationships, jobs, times in our lives and versions of ourselves, timelines and experiences and objects. We can be receiving and giving beautiful energy via these cords or we can be draining or getting drained, receiving low emotions or take on karmic imprints. Cords that are negative, tend to pull us back into the past, disallowing us to move on into the future. If you just had a break up (or had a break up 2 years ago but still cannot seem to move on), if you switched careers, moved cities or homes, left or moved on, lost someone or had someone move on or leave you – you want to check for cording that needs to go, as well.

Cords are usually not visible to people unless one is claivoyant. The energy these cords contribute (or steal) is however often felt emotionally by the person or they manifest as physical pain or illness at the body part/chakra where the cord has been established. I recommend the book ‘Energy Strands’ by Denise Linn on this topic.

The place where a cord connects to the etheric and/or physical body can be an area where we feel emotionally drained -or empowered, as there are also positive cords we have between ourselves and people we have a loving relationship with.

We can not be corded unless we have given permission (consciously or unconsciously) for the cord to be there -which is usually a result of the trauma of learned disempowerment that is prevalent in our society which teaches us to give our power and authority away to people/institutions/governments/family/other natural or legal entities and abdicate responsibility over our lives. We have to ask ourselves, why do we feel we need to allow cording/our energy to be taken from us? Subconsciously we may have been taught that to belong means to allow others to drain us or that to be accepted and loved we need to play small and not exercise our birthright to free will.

Cords are often plugged into the front or back of a chakra within the body. The chakra and place, indicates often where we need to assert better boundaries with people or situations in our life. Often cords are keeping us connected to traumatic memories, places and timelines – not just people. In the case of severe trauma, therapy needs to be approached gently to long-term unpack the experience and process the emotional material that keeps us stuck in what happened without resolve for the present.

Clearing cords can help disconnect us from mind control and other types of programming or consciousness traps. In today’s age, people often get their third eye or crown chakras corded as a result of consuming too much content on social media, leaving them feeling ungrounded, confused, unable to make their own authentic decisions and irritable while their life force energy is being siphoned away to all the people/things they are feeding with their attention. I recommend activating your 12D Shield before interacting with content on social media platforms and to avoid mindless scrolling as it promotes ungroundedness and thus leaves us open for dark force manipulation.

Chakra cording also takes place each time we unite with another being in sexual intercourse. This is why it is important that we are mindful of whom we connect and choose to share our physical bodies and pleasure with. After a break up, cutting old cords helps make us available to manifest new relationships in the now as we are no longer drawn back to the past and the associated emotions. This is imperative especially if the relationship was abusive. The same applies to family relationships where codependent cording is prevalent. 

The energetic discrepancy between chakras can have both physical and emotional effects.

Checking for cording and clearing it on a regular basis is essential to our ascension process.

If you are someone people look up to, it is also beneficial to clear cording often. We often tend to have even well meaning people cording on us because they unconsciously seek to receive comfort or empowerment from us. Clearing those cords empowers those other people to find their own power within, as well and puts an end to the energy-parasite-consciousness.

Cord cutting is useful for energy workers, councelors & teachers of any type, people who work in public or are exposed to daily interaction with groups and people (from project managers and secretaries to entertainers, artists and people with strong social media presence).

Narcissistic abuse and childhood under emotionally immature or reality dismissing parents creates heavy cording where survivors are disconnected from how they truly feel (having continuously been told ”you shouldn’t feel this way”) and often cannot stand in their own choices (”I know what is best for you”). The mind control and brainwashing into emotional and spiritual dependency to others that 99% of ascending humans are called to deal with especially during the early stages of their awakening process needs to be addressed if we want to help our energy bodies be functional and healthy again.

Elina utilizes additional tools such as EFT (meridian tapping).

PLEASE NOTE that cutting cords does not remove beautiful memories or love that you may have felt. Cutting cords requires that we long term make changes that maintain the energy clearing that shall take place during this session.

If we cut cords with dysfunctional people only for you to return to abusive relationships it beats the purpose as the cordings are then bound to return.

Changing patterns and taking new conscious action is what grounds the healing work into the third-dimentional level and puts us on the path of living life beyond any past broken records of misery and enslavement. If you cannot change your circumstances right away, at least take symbolic action or start planning and consistently taking baby steps towards your new life – on which cutting cords will also help you tremendously.

YOU ARE TO RECEIVE additionally a guided journaling process and a guided meditation invoking the Violet Flame that you must do on your own after the clearing with Elina.

Because this work tends to unplug you from system you used to feed with your energy, it is possible that after a cord cutting, you start getting out-of-the-blue messages from all sorts of people from your past, you may be hit by waves of old negative habits re-emerging or even government structures, companies or invitations to reconnect with the past you actually wanted to stirr clear of. Stay calm and remember your sovereign power.

A short follow up session (15 minute phone call or messaging on Whatsapp) is also possible if you find yourself struggling emotionally.



Long term cords with greater systems/mindsets/programmings are usually considered attachments and can progress into possessions of consciousness. These types of cordings can invite entity attachments as well, as one may accept to have an entity feeding off their energy, as long as the entity contributes energy to help the individual climb on a societal level. Such agreements are occuring on a subconscious (and often unconscious) level as the unconscious shadow material of the individual is targetted to get the individual to consent.

Most people ensnared into programmings that worship fame or status tend to have such cordings that have turned into full blown soul agreements with entities. The more the individual allows the entity/ies to operate via their vessel, the higher the chances of a full blown possession in the future. Please keep in mind that possession does not look like climbing walls and speaking in tongues. In fact, you are seeing possession more often than you realise in your day to day, in people who are not in control of their actions by operating as portals for anger, greed, manipulation and deceit (dark triad type of personalities), accomodating entities by allowing them to operate through their physical bodies. In my line of work, this is rare to encounter (the individuals attracted to my work usually operate on another consciousness level) but in such cases, clearing work via the Akashic Records is the way to go and not just cord cutting. If for any reason you suspect you could be having such a situation, feel free to contact me or go directly for the Akashic Records clearing.

If You have more questions, feel free to write Elina at


By booking this session, you agree that you are not (and are not to be during the session with Elina) under perception altering or other medication, psychotropics, alcohol or other drugs and that you are not in need of psychiatric therapy or supervision.

This session as well as the content on is meant only for educational and entertainment purposes and not for replacing professional medical, financial, psychological, legal or other advice. If you experience health or any other issues please consult with a professional. Elina’s services are complementary in nature and do not replace primary medical, psychological or psychiatric care nor should be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult your professional healthcare providers before embarking on any new treatment.

Client agrees to be mindful of his/her/their own health and wellbeing during the provision of any of our services and to seek appropriate medical treatment (including, but not limited to, psychotherapy) if needed.

Elina’s Alchemy does not provide, and does not hold itself out as providing, medical, therapy, or psychotherapy services.

Elina’s Alchemy is not responsible for any decisions made by Client as a result of the coaching and any consequences thereof.


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