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Premium Weekly Alchemy FORECASTS

  • Elina posts weekly collective reflections using the tarot, astrology, numerology and her intuitive channeling skills with the Archangels to help us navigate the exoteric via esoteric cosmology that is relevant to the current time and specifically the week ahead.

  • WEEKLY ALCHEMY consists of weekly video forecasts and channeled messages that often touch upon topics that are often not openly welcome on YouTube. These lectures are ad-free and invite you in on Elina’s sacred sanctuary library so grab a cup of tea and a notebook and join in.

  • With this membership, you can comment to request future topics that you would like Elina to speak about or collective themes to look into in the future.

  • ONCE A MONTH there is an Archangel channeling and a sound healing ceremony. Each month, Elina sits with the Archangelics to download divinely inspired wisdom. Elina posts for every new month an intuitively channeled stream of information designed to lead you to an alpha brainwave state and guide you on best ways to navigate the journey on Earth. The session opens usually with a sound healing or guided meditation segment to help support different energy centers as instructed by the Archangels each time. Guidance from the Archangels on topics related to the Soul’s journey on Earth can also be requested by you in the comments’ section.

  • With this membership, you get Elina’s book ‘The Alchemy Of Angelic Invocation’ for free as a PDF.

  • With this membership, you get a 10% discount on the TAROT SCHOOL tier and a shout-out on Elina’s YouTube podcasts.

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