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Hi! This is Elina!

I am DELIGHTED to see you here!

I am a mystic, trained energy worker, certified meditation coach, award-winning recording artist, holistic voice coach and channel of the light.

Born in Athens, Greece I am currently based in Germany after having been around many countries performing and exploring. I am the creatrix of Elina’s Alchemy: Intuitive Services & Metaphysical Shop found under as well as on YouTube, where I share my intuitive gifts and the joy of connecting and working with Angels and the Spirit Realm.

The tarot, Archangel channelings, educational content on energy clearing and intuition as well as my one-on-one soul readings are some of the powerful tools I use to connect with other human beings on a Soul level and to create a safe tribe, where others who may still be at the beginning of their spiritual journeys, can find effective vocabulary and examples to express/process/understand their own experiences and ultimately use that insight to help them create a life that supports them.

I run my own production company and release music straight from my studio where I also facilitate Voice Toning/Sound Healing Circle events. My music as an independent singer, songwriter and pianist has been on charts from Germany to the Emirates.

Along with doing intuitive work I work with sound to create shifts for my clients. I also create personalised channeled paintings that encompass different frequencies for the purpose of healing through color and vibration.

I am best known for my transformational intuitive readings and my ability to dig deep and reach the root issue of a situation for my clients – I often touch issues considered taboo by many energy workers.

My journey of helping other fellow humans by means of energy work goes back to 2016 when I experienced an awakening that had my whole life turn around. A couple of years later, I almost lost my life to an incurable disease which let me to dig even deeper into holistic ways of healing, finally getting my body to heal from the disease.

Today, I continue to offer guidance through transformational readings in person and via the internet for clients that wish to connect to their own Soul Purpose and seek to build their own connection with the Divine. I deliver messages but I also coach clients to raise their frequency and eventually be able to receive messages for themselves through their very own connection with Spirit – one that I believe does not need a middle man but I am happy to assist those who are still unfamiliar with how to do it themselves.

Some of the tools and pressure points in my consultations include:

1-1 Energy Clearing & Infusing Rituals (1-1 in person at my studio in Germany)

⯁ Intuitive Readings (Tarot)

⯁ Astrology/Natal Chart Consultations

⯁ Soul readings & Spirit Guide Channelings (live or pre-recorded video)

Sound Healing & Voice Toning (in person at my studio in Germany)

Custom channeled paintings (according to what energies you currently need in your space to help support you – I am doing a reading on that or you can ask me for a painting that encompasses specific frequencies)

Angelic Energy Healing (in person & via Zoom/Skype)

Crystal Energy Healing (1-1 in person at my studio in Germany)

Custom channeled sound healing & meditations

Akashic Records Soul Profile readings and removal of spiritual blockages

EFT (emotional freedom technique) to release and dissolve stagnant energies from the physical & subtle bodies

Energy clearing for the home (entity release through the Akashic Records of the location, land reassignment, wipping old energies, Feng Shui etc)

My work runs in a very organic manner. I take every request with the same level of responsibility, commitment to serve you in the best possible way and of course looking for answers from The Ever-Loving Source, expressed as: Angels and Archangels, Spirit Guides, your own personal Divine Assistance Team, Ascended Masters and Teachers, Ancestors in Spirit.

If this resonates with You, browse my offerings or book a session with me.

If you don’t see what you need listed, let me know how I can be of service by dropping me a line at to discuss your situation and help us narrow down the issues you wish to address during our time together.

Looking forward to seeing how I can support you at this time.

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