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Spirit & Totem Animal | Process

A Spirit Animal is a guardian and guide that gives insight into one’s spiritual life lessons and represents overarching themes and possible ways of dealing with life’s challenges. A totem animal on the other hand is a guardian you can call upon whenever you feel you need its wisdom and medicine to help you navigate specific life situations. For different life situations you can call upon a different totem animal each time to bring its medicine forth into your life and guide you. For example in a time when you need clear vision and discernment you may wish to call upon the eagle, hawk or falcon totem animal. When physical strength, speed and flexible agility is needed, the puma can be good to call forth. 

In this meditation we are going to uncover what your Spirit Animal is. Then we are going to tune into the totem animal that wishes to come forth for you to guide you at this very specific time. You can revisit this part of the meditation again and again in the future to see which animal wants to come through to help you. As our life progresses you see, our situations change and so does the totem animal that comes through for you. Finally, we are going to complete an invocation to invite whatever animal you feel called to invoke upon according to your situation. We will call in that animal to come through and guide you, grace you with its special attributes and help you navigate your circumstances.

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