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Healing With The Powers Of Nature

Healing with the powers of nature akashic records

ELINA’s energy healing is based on harnessing the powers already found within us all and around us in the natural world to stir back to life, activate and refresh the self-healing ability of the etheric human body. A healing session with Elina aims to gently clear and rejuvenate the energetic body and help shake loose blockages that hinder the natural flow of energy within your body and consciousness. This type of healing is operated in the quantum realm and can be done remotely as it uses the natural consciousness network.

Divinely Guided:

Intuitive Channeling & Tarot Readings

Experience unique, immersive intuitive channeling tarot reading sessions and dive deep into the waters of divine guidance through astrology, numerology and the Akashic Records. Your very personal Spirit Guidance Team consists of energy streams that can be channeled to successfully retrieve and decode all the information you will need at each stage of your journey – whether actionable plans or higher wisdom related to your purpose and path. Elina works with the Angelics and the Higher Self of the Seeker. These readings are confidential and of utmost integrity.

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