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Terms, Conditions & Disclaimer

This page contains the terms & conditions. Please read these terms & conditions carefully before ordering any products from us.


Elina’s Alchemy – Intuitive Services
Eleni Laivera
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General Information

By using this website or placing an order at Elina’s Alchemy, you warrant that you are at least 18 years old or have parents‘ permission to do so.

All personal information you provide us with or that we obtain will be handled by Elina’s Alchemy (see Imprint) as responsible for the personal information. You have the right always to ask us to delete or correct your information.

The prices applicable for services, online courses and other products are those set at the date on which you place your order.

  • Shipping costs and payment fees are recognized before confirming the purchase.

  • Elina’s Alchemy reserves the right to amend any information without prior notice.

Payments run through the platform freewebstore. Their Privacy Policies, Terms & Conditions and more you can find under  

Our online shop from where you can purchase services and products from Elina’s Alchemy is also hosted on The online store’s privacy policies, terms & conditions you can find here and here.

Some of the communication forms utilized by Elina’s Alchemy such as additional contact form and newsletter sign up forms run through (their privacy policy you can find here:

We use security encryption for safe online experience on the Elina’s Alchemy website.

You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes, any portion of our online courses (including course materials such as PDFs, MP3s and not only), use of our online courses, or access to our online courses.

You agree that you are not authorized to share, copy, distribute, or otherwise disseminate any materials received from Elina’s Alchemy electronically or otherwise without the prior written consent of Elina’s Alchemy.

You agree that no license to sell or distribute our materials & products is granted or implied by the enrolment or by the payment of any fees.

We have the right to use case studies of Client’s situations and results or testimonials without making reference to Client’s full identity. Clients will always be contacted by us for approval prior to any case study or testimonial being published in which the Client will be identified by full name or identity. 

The content on our online courses or other educational content is meant only for educational and entertainment purposes and not for replacing professional medical advice. If you experience health or any other issues please consult with a professional.

Client agrees to be mindful of his/her/their own health and wellbeing during the provision of any of our services and to seek appropriate medical treatment (including, but not limited to, psychotherapy) if needed.

Elina’s Alchemy does not provide, and does not hold itself out as providing, medical, therapy, or psychotherapy services.

Elina’s Alchemy is not responsible for any decisions made by Client as a result of the coaching and any consequences thereof.



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All inquiries at

By booking a session with Elina you agree that you are not (and are not to be during the session with Elina) under perception altering or other medication, psychotropics, alcohol or other drugs and that you are not in need of psychiatric therapy or supervision.

Elina’s sessions, as well as the content on is meant only for educational and entertainment purposes and not for replacing professional medical, financial, psychological, legal or other advice. If you experience health or any other issues please consult with a professional. Elina’s services are complementary in nature and do not replace primary medical, psychological or psychiatric care nor should be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult your professional healthcare providers before embarking on any new treatment.

Personal Information

All personal information you provide us with or that we obtain will be handled by Elina’s Alchemy as responsible for the personal information. The personal information you provide will be used to ensure deliveries to you, the credit assessment, to provide offers and information on our catalog to you. The information you provide is only available to Elina’s Alchemy and will not be shared with other third parties. You have the right to inspect the information held about you. You always have the right to request us to delete or correct the information held about you. By accepting our conditions, you agree to all the above.


All products remain our property until full payment is made. The price applicable is that set at the date on which you place your order. Shipping costs and payment fees are recognized before confirming the purchase. If you are under 18 years old you must have parents’ permission to buy from Elina’s Alchemy.

All transfers conducted through our website are handled and transacted through third party dedicated gateways to guarantee your protection. Specifically, all payments run through FREEWEBSTORE, which offers a safe infrastructure for selling/buying products online. More about their policies and safety conditions you can read on their website

Please read the terms & conditions for the payment gateway chosen for the transaction as they are responsible for the transactions made.

Force Majeure

Events outside of Elina’s Alchemy control, which is not reasonably foreseeable, shall be considered force majeure, meaning that we are released from obligations to fulfill contractual agreements. Example of such events are government action or omission, new or amended legislation, conflict, embargo, fire or flood, sabotage, accident, war, natural disasters, strikes or lack of delivery from suppliers. The force majeure also includes government decisions that affect the market negatively and products, for example, restrictions, warnings, ban, etc.

Legal Disclaimer

Information and products found on our website should be treated as for entertainment purposes only and should never replace professional advice. None of our products (including but not limited to) herbs, seeds, oils, plants, mists and sprays, floor washes and all other ingredients are for human consumption. Do not ingest any of our products.

Crystals, loose stones and salts can be considered choking hazards. Keep away from children and pets. Some oils or mists might leave stains on clothing or fabric so avoid direct contact. Please check with your own health and consult your health care providers before using any of our products. You are responsible for any allergies or reactions you may have towards materials used in our products. Avoid use if you know you are allergic to some of the ingredients used in our products. It is impossible for us to predict how you or your condition of health may react to our products or to ingredients found in our products so practice discernment as we do not claim any responsibility over the issue.

Readings, Appointments, Coaching Sessions & Cancelations


Elina has the right to cancel and refund a reading if she is unable to complete this service. 

Please understand that energy readings are not messages written in stone and that predicted outcome are subject to change THE WHOLE TIME since you are responsible for your life and you can influence outcomes with your decision making and action taking. Paths can change. Nothing is written in stone. Your reading is an energy snapshot of your vibrational standpoint AT THE TIME OF YOUR READING. If you received a reading you were happy about, keep doing what you are doing. You are likely to meet the predicted outcome. If you did not like what you got, you are free to change the predicted outcome by changing your course of action, attitude and expectation. Nothing is written in stone and I am a mere messenger. I can coach you to what may be the best coaching for where you are standing at, at the time of your reading.

Results brought in by means of energy work may vary depending on your unique situation. There is no ”one size fits all” in this work and Divine Order and Divine Timing are things that need to be respected and taken into consideration in this work.


CANCELING on the day of the appointment does not qualify for a refund! Please inform us of your decision to cancel IDEALLY A WEEK PRIOR and absolutely latest (for those crazy exceptions when life happens) the day prior (until 00:00 local time). Please book your reading once you know for sure you are able to show up. For any issues including cancelations please contact me at

Please out of respect for everybody’s time (mine included) let me know as soon as possible if you need to cancel so I can re-organize the schedule in time to fit other Clients in who might have been waiting in the line. Clients that are repeatedly not respectful of this may not be accepted in the future to work with Elina.

IMPORTANT: Please inform me whether you wish to have your appointment completely cancelled and your payment refunded to you or if you simply wish to reschedule. In this last case, you are not refunded as the appointment is simply moved to another day, as long as the new appointment is within 10 business days from the intital appointment. If longer than that, you are to be fully refunded and the appointment is considered cancelled. You can of course come back when it finally works for you and book a new appointment.

Please keep in mind that you are able to reschedule only one time per booking! It is impossible for my team to move around schedules! If you are not able to make it to an already re-scheduled appointment, we prefer to refund you (as long as you let us know latest a day prior) and render the appointment cancelled. Cancelations/asking for rescheduling on the day of the appointment does not qualify for any type of refund.

Additional Information

You can find FAQs specifically for each service/product we offer on the respective pages within this website.

We reserve the right to amend any information, including but not limited to prices, technical specifications, terms of purchase and product offerings without prior notice. At the event of when a product is sold out, we have the right to cancel the order and refund any amount paid in the best way. We shall also notify the customer of equivalent replacement products if available.

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