Signs You’re Working With Angels & Archangels

If you view spirituality as something that is out there chances are communicating with angels is going to have some challenges.

However if you are here on this channel chances are spirituality is more like an integral part of your life and you understand that you are not supposed to be some type of holy person to talk with angels and be able to hear them back. 

You also want to understand that communicating with angels has nothing to do with religion even though religions all around the world have talked about angels.

Many religions recognise angels as a legit thing. We have angels in all religions: Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism a.o. 

We often have those Higher Beings that deliver messages from God to people or come to assist in times of need and they have a very distinct appearance: they are usually wrapped in blinding light and have wings or according to traditional picture from India they can be perceived as beings with blue skin but i have to say that angels may be appearing to you already, making their presence known to you in ways that don’t look exactly like big lights and wings or people with blue skin. 

They might be making contact already in more subtle ways so you might be ignoring the communication just because you are not noticing it -because it doesn’t appear as you would expect it to appear for you to notice it. 

So what do angels appear like?

Personally, when I work with them, sometimes i might see them as those very christianically depicted figures. When i work with Archangel Michael i might see him as if he just came out of a painting in some christian temple. Other archangels such as Raziel, it has happened that i will perceive them as geometrical shapes almost like white neon lights arranged in shapes.

All this happens in my third eye, by the way, so i am not really seeing these type of things with my physical eyes.

I may be looking at a room and at the same time I may be perceiving an extra layer on top of it with the various forms and shapes or figures my angels will present themselves as.

So very often the signs that you are working with Angels and Archangels can be expressed through more subtle avenues such as visuals that you might be dismissing if you are not aware that this is one more expression of those wonderful Higher Beings. 

Angel communication is actually extremely simple. So simple that you may be dismissing it as not having happened. Many people expect incredible spiritual experiences and some might actually get that but it not necessary and it is not the rule.

Even if you do not see or hear anything, understand this:

The heart center is the avenue of communication between you and your angels. Clairsentience is the #1 way higher beings signal their presence around you so often you may be sensing this wonderful feeling of joy or soothing love as if your chest is filled with light. This is a sign you are working with the angels and it is pretty subtle so it could be easily overlooked.

The more you remain centered in your heart space, eventually, all other ways of perceiving your angels will also start coming in (clairaudience, claivoyance etc).

But even if not, know that you can perceive angelic presence best through feeling them. It can be feelings on or within your body or emotions of calm or even an emotional release at first. I had occassions especially during the first times i intentionally connected with my angels, when the love and compassion i felt from them was so overwhelming it struck a cord in me and made me have an emotional release. This is very telling of working with angels on emotional healing so if it happens to you embrace it and let it flow – it is cleansing and healing your heart so it is able to receive more love & angelic communication.

I recently talked about what working with angels and archangels can look like on my podcast. You might want to check it out. You can watch the episode on YouTube or listen to the podcast via Anchor on your prefered platform (Spotify etc)


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