How To Work With Angels & Archangels

On this episode at Elina’s Alchemy podcast, intuitive psychic and angel channel Elina shares what working with angel and archangels can look like and how one does not have to be closed off from the world to be able to perceive the Divine all around. Watch on YouTube or listen via Anchor on your prefered platform (Spotify etc)

Podcast Transcript

Hi my loves, i welcome you all beautiful alchemists, this is Elina, creator of Elina’s Alchemy and i am happy to be starting a series of episodes touching on esoteric topics and exploring themes on spirituality. I am a professional tarot reader and i am an angel channeler and people come to me for guidance, for messages from their Spirit Guides and so often people ask me ‘’how can i do what you do? How can i communicate with my angels and hear them and hear their answers to my questions and know that they have come to my help when i ask for it’’ and i am super happy people are asking such questions more and more and don’t just wanna rely on a reader but wanna get their own info and so i decided to start this series of podcasts that i am going to be putting up both on the youtube channel and as a podcast on podcast platforms so this is the first time i am doing this and so again i welcome everyone, both those watching this now on youtube or listening on the podcast. We are going to touch so many topics on this podcast God willing and you can always send me your ideas for topics you’d like me to touch upon or particular questions you might have, i will be answering them on these episodes, too. So today, our topic is how to work with angels & Archangels and i am gonna dive right in but before allow me to share one last info. Some of you might know i used to offer my tarot services through a platform called fiver but they decided to just shut down my offer for their own reasons and so i took some time away from the channel to regroup and return with my very own website so as of now, Elina’s Alchemy has its very own website where you can book me for readings and energy work through our new website and soon i am also opening the metaphysical shop on this website where you will be able to find energy work tools such as herbs for smudging and a lot more. So that was the news, let’s dive in, how to work with angels and archangels.


If you view spirituality as something that is out there chances are communicating with angels is going to have some challenges. However if you are here on this channel chances are spirituality is more like an integral part of your life and you understand that you are not supposed to be some type of holy person to talk with angels and be able to hear them back. 


You also want to understand that communicating with angels has nothing to do with religion even though religions all around the world have talked about angels. Many religions recognise angels as a legit thing, actually we have angels in all religions, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, we always have those Higher Beings that deliver messages from God to people or come to assist in times of need and they have a very distinct appearance, they are usually wrapped in this blinding light and have wings and so on or traditions from India they are depicted as those beings with Blue Skin and so on but i want to say that angels may be appearing to you already and making their presence known to you in ways that don’t look exactly like big lights and wings or people with blue skin – they might appear in more subtle ways so you might be ignoring the communication just because you are not noticing it because it doesn’t appear as you would expect it to appear for you to notice it. 


So what do angels appear like? Personally, when I work with them, Sometimes i see them as literally this very christianically depicted figures like when i work with Archangel Michael i might see him as if he just came out of a painting in some christian temple but other archangels such as Raziel and others it has happened that i will perceive them as geometrical shapes, almost like white neon lights arranged in shapes and this all happens in my third eye so i am not really seeing these type of things with my physical eyes. I can be looking at a room and at the same time perceiving like an extra layer on top of it with the various forms and shapes or figures my angels will present themselves as.And i want to say this, our angels are always around us and i have proof of that for myself because many times i have just randomly seen them around me even when i haven’t actively called them. So i am saying this to kind of alert you to signs you could be ignoring that your angels are already around you and may be trying to communicate with you through more subtle avenues such as visuals which you might be dismissing if you are not aware that this is an expression of those wonderful Higher Beings. 


So how do you call your angels when in need? The truth is when we are born, we are all assigned with a guardian angel who is going to be with us throughout our whole life journey protecting and guiding us. Many people want to know the name of their guardian angel and i think this is cute but not so important or at least it is not necessary to know the name of your guardian angel in order to work with them. A simple ‘’my guardian angel, i need your help’’ will do actually.


It is a fact that angel communication is actually extremely simple, so simple that you dismiss it as not having happened. Many people expect this incredible spiritual experience and some might actually get that but it not necessary and not the rule.


When you start communicating with your angels intentionally, the more you repeat it the more you build a connection that will start getting clearer and clearer and louder and louder overtime so much that very soon you will be at a point when you don’t really need to do some ritual or meditate before speaking with your angels but you will be able to beam your message to them while washing the dishes or walking on the street. At this point, I sometimes only need to say ‘’my angels, help’’ and i know my message has been heard because i never stopped the connection, i never hang up the phone so this is always an open conversation and all i have to do is actually speak and wait for the other side to say something back to me. But it wasn’t always like that.


There was a time i was so desperate to get communication from my angels and it was not happening or at least i was not picking up on it because my expectations were ruining it a bit. I guess I thought i would get some big spiritual experience or something so when all i felt was just a calm in my heart i didn’t even take this as angel communication but it is! Please understand that angel communication is simple and it happens right there and then with your body and your emotions as receptors of this communication. Please stay away from websites that recommend doing strange rituals or use sigils to summon angels with your windows closed. There are websites claiming angels need a dark room in order to present themselves. This is not the case based on my experiences. Angels don’t necessarily want you to darken the room to make their appearance and they don’t even make their appearance in the room but in your third eye through visuals which as i said before can look like anything from simply colors to pictures of animals or people or sequences to beings looking like a roman catholic archangel depiction to just geometrical shapes that look like sacred geometry so you can see those things even better with your eyes closed and while you are focused on your breath. Not in a dark room with some sigil carved on the floor. Please use discernment with what you read online. Angel communication is simple.


The truth is you do need quiet and peace in your heart when you are starting to cultivate the connection, when you are opening this ongoing dialogue for the first times intentionally. If you are stressed you will still be heard and receive answers but because you will not be vibrating in a frequency of love, peace, trust and joy where Angels vibrate, you will not be able to perceive or hear the answers. So you want to help yourself get as still, relaxed, rooted in trust and peace as possible. And you can do that real quick. Just sit down, place your hands over your heart and bring your awareness to your heart space and imagine a bright golden light expand from your heart and focus on your breath for a while. You can keep your eyes closed for a while and just take a moment to ground yourself in the here and now and in your body. And you are ready to start talking. 


I like to greet my angels, call them by their names and this is a good place to start also because you are defining whom you are intentionally opening communication with. Now, I am saying this because the ethers are full of entities – not necessarily evil entities or anything but there are lots of spirits around from earthbound spirits to ancestors and they usually wanna say hi but you want to connect very specifically with your angels and have no other interference so a good place to start is naming, calling, invoking your angels or archangels. Your word has power and it is sound, it is signal that you can use to dial into the particular energy of your angels and that only. And that is why Archangels have specific names, their names are the expression of frequency of each archangel because their names come from ancient languages Rafael, Uriel, these are all sacred names that carry specific frequency so you use them literally like you would use a phone number to call a specific angel each time. So names have function, they are not for fluff obviously.


Now, if you don’t know the name of your angel or don’t know what archangel to call specifically, you can use the invocation ‘’my own personal team of guardian angels and divine archangels of the highest love, compassion, integrity and clarity i call you near me now’’ or just say ‘’my guardian angels i call you near me now, i need to speak with you’’.


Intention is everything when communicating with the Spirit Realm and so when you want to talk to your angels be clear on your request. What is your issue and what is the outcome you wish to ask your angels help with? Name it specifically. An example would be invocation first, ‘’my guardian angels i call you near me now, please hear me. I am dealing with that difficult person and i wish to have a resolution in the highest good of all’’. That was an example. You can elaborate as much as you want. In fact i find myself going all emotional dumping on my angels because if not them who else can lift the heaviest of emotions? There is nothing that God cannot lift for you. I will often go on and talk to Archangel Uriel about my day and what made me upset or if i heard something that conflicted or confused me and i will ask for clarity. Go. All. Out. These are the beings that were entrusted with taking care of you until the end of time. They are unconditionally for you there so there is nothing that is off limits to discuss or ask help with. Many times i will use the words, ‘’my guardian angels, i require your assistance on this topic and i will go on and elaborate. Now the way i like to close is something like : I entrust this intention of mine into your hands full of trust to be carried out in joy, i am full of trust in your ability to see it through and i ask that you see to it being manifested in the highest good of all. In the highest good of all, this type of wording is very important because it ensures you are asking for something that will however not be to the detriment of someone else. Even when someone has wronged you and you ask for justice always use the wording ‘’in the highest good of all’’. Sometimes even God giving a sneaky person who hurt you a lesson is actually in their highest good but you do not go in there to tell Spirit how to do its job. You just say in the highest good of all and you let Spirit decide what exactly that will look like. Spirit knows best what the highest good of all is. Not us from our human perspective which can be limited by what we are feeling in that moment.


Now, i talked previously about the names of our angels and archangels. Personally, i didn’t know who my guardian angel was and didn’t know how to figure that out, either. Before i had my spiritual awakening I did a bunch of meditations that were supposed to help me hear the name of my angel but i would always get gibberish and that is because i was probably not able to decipher, to decode or to translate adequately the frequency that represented my angels. But what happens often is even if you don’t know the name of your angel, you usually tend to gravitate towards an archangel. I know I was very fixated at Archangel Michael because at the time in my life i felt like i needed protection and i knew from my christian family traditions that Archangel Michael was the strongest defender so i started calling him so often and i remember one morning i woke up from a horrible nightmare. There was a time i was receiving psychic attacks almost every day by a person i had left behind me who was however still obsessed with me and how i left them and that person it was known they were dabbling in the occult and had received training in focusing and directing their energy towards someone with the purpose of making that person feel uncomfortable. This is the definition of psychic attack and i have no idea why but this person was so proud that he was able to do that, he was literally boasting about it so it seems he was using it on me too after i left him behind. So i wake up from one more crazy dream of being attacked and all that stuff and i was so desperate i started praying with so much energy and strength, repeating the name, Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael and guys, to this day this is an experience that i will never forget, i heard a strong, steady voice in my head, like literally as if it were coming from the space between my ears and it just went ‘’yes’’. And my whole energy shifted. The panic dissipated, the sensation of choking went away, i felt protected. With Archangel Michael a wonderful journey started since that experience and he has guided me in my life since then with such strength and protection that i am stunned each and every time. I have so much love and appreciation for Archangel Michael and for the longest time i assumed he was my guardian archangel because i gravitated towards his energy so much and to this day he is the first i go to and i see his colours in my meditation and i have had visitation of him in prophetic dreams and and and. But at some point i bumped on a book that had information on angels and archangels and the days and months and numerology they are associated with and by combining these things you could figure out who was your guardian archangel assigned to you according to your date of birth. And by my calculations, it turned out that Archangel Uriel was my guardian archangel according to the day i was born – i was born on a Thursday. And according the exact date i was born, guardian angel Yezalel is apparently my guardian angel. Guardian Angel Yezalel operates under Archangel Raziel and so Archangel Raziel is one more archangelic connection i chose to further dive into communication with. Why i am saying all this? Because #1 you can be gravitating towards a specific archangel in a time in your life because you need the energy and help of this archangel. #2 there are websites and books out there that can inform you of angel associations with the date of your birth and so you can know the exact name of your guardian angel assigned to you on birth. And #3 you don’t have to work with an angel if it doesn’t feel right at that time. For example, i have actually worked way more with Michael than any other Archangel at least intentionally. When i discovered the information on angels associated to my birth date and all, i expanded my network and started talking to Uriel and to Raziel and i intent to connect more with Yezalel, too. But during my meditations i made the experience that from time to time different archangels would reach out and so at the moment i have nearly 13 archangels i work with on the daily. At one point i was given the name Haziel in the middle of a meditation which i later researched and found it was indeed an actual guardian angel. And so what i am trying to say is that this is not a competition of collecting Archangel or Angel contacts, you wanna connect with those that it feels natural to connect or those you might experience reaching out to offer help to you. And take it from there. You will be guided and the more you strengthen the connection the angelic realm through the simple ways of speaking to angels that i shared, the more you will see more and more help coming your way and you will start recognizing the different energy each Archangel presents as. I know from my experience the light blue or electric blue is Michael, the purple is Zadkiel, when i see yellow it i jOPHIEL who by the way, Jophiel, is one more archangel that was just given to me as a name at the very beginning of my journey, i was just in meditation and saw in my third eye this golden light and the name came on my lips and then i researched and i found that was an actual Higher Being, archangel Jophiel, archangel of beauty, inwards and outward. And so you will see how once you start this journey of daily talk your company will start expanding and the conversation will be always open so in the end you can instantly hear, see, receive and know answers to questions or problems you may be facing.


So for starters, see what your major issues are and research a bit about what archangels help with your particular issue and talk to them first or to an archangel you feel closest to, either because the name stuck with you or whatever. Everything is a nudge in this case from your angels so trust it, follow it. 


Being grateful and appreciative of your angels is so important. I start and end my conversations with them thanking them for all i have, i name everything, i count my blessings, literally because i am aware of what my life was like before i allowed them to help me and i saw how when i allowed them to help me they turned my life upside down and rebuilt it all in 3 months or so. It was shocking but i stayed rooted in my trust in their help and all worked out, i remained open to receiving and didn’t get paralyzed by fear. 


So talk to your angels, tune into their presence around you, sit quiet hands over your heart with the intention to feel them all around you. And The easiest way is through feeling them, it can be feelings in your body or emotions of calm or even an emotional release at first. I had times the very first times when the love and compassion i felt from them was so overwhelming like it struck a cord in me and made me cry like when someone shows you a kind of love you have never encountered before, so soothing. It can cause you to have this release of emotions and that is because these high frequencies that your angels start to surround you with, they flush out any lower energy emotions that maybe were trapped in your heart center such as sadness or hurt and that is to help the heart center unclog so it is clean and healthy and able to receive and sense the subtle energies of your angels because when you carry hurt in your heart from past experiences, it makes the heart disensitized to the subtle energies of the angels – aint nobody got time for that, let it flow out, it is clearing your pipes, nothing wrong with that.


So having said that, you understand that first and foremost, the heart center is the avenue of communication between you and your angel. When you are centered there all other ways of communication might also start coming in eventually such as clairaudience where maybe you hear your angels or clairvoyance where you see them in the ways i explained earlier in this episode. I have to say this before i close – i have had times when i felt my angels touch me, like seriously. One day i was praying quietly and i felt as if someone caressed my hair on my head from the back on top of my head and it has been scientifically proven that something like that is entirely possible, it is entirely possible for the spirit world to interact on a physical level with us – they did this experiment where if they gathered enough electrical charge and held it further away from someone’s body, the person was feeling as if they were being touched and so that means that for my angels to give me the sense of caressing my hair they would just have to muster enough electrical charge and my body, my physical sensors would translate it as touch. Remember with our 5 senses we translate things that other than that are vibrational, are energy. So yeah, lots of amazing things happening when you start to work with your angels and archangels. You start seeing the impact they can have on your life and you realise more than ever before that there is a whole world beyond what we see with our physical eyes and when you cultivate a strong open channel with your angels you see that also translating on a physical level through even manifestations on a financial level or health level or on your relationships, your health, your career and of course deep spiritual issues such as finding purpose, psychic protection etc. My angels have taken me out of a huge swamp i was in in the past and literally transplanted me somewhere entirely differently and that’s just because i started talking with them and remained open to receiving their answers. I felt ready or shall i say i felt tired enough to surrender to the Divine’s assistance because before that i was such a control freak i never once thought about asking for help. I never prayed before apart from when things were happening to other people. So, Remain open, this is important, and do not limit the ways you expect the answers to come in or what you think the answers are supposed to look like. Open your mind, once you speak to them everything can be a sign, an answer and you are to decode it, follow the synchronicities such as numbers, bumping on people or opportunities and so on. Ride the wave with trust and see how your whole life changes. 


Thank you so much for staying with me till the end on today’s episode, i am going to make more episodes on Angels and Archangels because it is something i study through my own life experience, it is something i have dedicated myself to and i love it, i love my assistants from the Spirit Realm and i am grateful for their love and support and i wish for you also to experience that same wonderful connection with your angels and archangels. To book me for readings check out my website i am always happy to assist you in connecting with your spirit team and angels, send me your questions for the podcast through instagram at elinasalchemy, i am also on twitter at elinasalchemy. Have an amazing day, be blessed, be well, peaceful, joyous and i will see you soon again. Bye for now!


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