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Energy Clearing
Through The Akashic Records

Clearing karmic blockages and patterns via the Akashic Records to unlock your Soul’s full potential.

Healing with the powers of nature akashic records

Akashic Records

Many of my clients come to me in times when they are setting intentions or working towards manifesting their dream lives.

Identifying and clearing energetic blockages they may have towards something specific they are trying to manifest can have powerful effects not only in how they are able to manifest but also on how they choose to live their lives from then on and the things they choose to align themselves with.

The reason for that is because through the Akashic Records we are able to access information on our Soul’s origins and gifts as well as choices we made that affected the way those gifts were expressed (or suppressed). 

Some of the most common reasons for stumbling when trying to manifest a life that serves our Highest path and purpose can be negative or unjustified karma, negative entity attachments, vows (which we may even have taken lifetimes ago – for example a vow of abstinence in a past life may be making it hard for us to have fullfilling relationships in this lifetime or a past vow of poverty may be making it hard for us to accumulate wealth currently), generational curses affecting whole lineages or simply programmings and imprints we may have adopted in order to survive certain situations in the past but still influence the way we attract things into our human experience. 

Every action and decision has an energetic statement behind it and gives the Universe a que regarding what it should deliver to us. In times when we were faced with adversity or simply didn’t know better we may have taken action or made decisions going against our Divine Soul Gifts and Divine Self-Expression telling the Universe we are basically  OK with this and thus we may have been attracting more of such experiences that force us to further negate our Divine Self-Expression. 

Some times this keeps on going without us even knowing or realising where the unpleasant experiences come from leaving us wondering why we just can’t seem to attract the circumstances we desire and instead keep on finding ourselves in the same loop of events, relationships, experiences. It can feel as if we are being faced with the same lessons again and again. As if the record has broken. And that is when it may be a good time for energy clearing through the Akashic Records – the Highway of Psychic Information.

In the Akashic Records, we are able to see the clear connecting lines between choices and the energetical concequences or the programming a choice may have imprinted on our consciousness and thus affecting the way we do life to this day.

Clearing those patterns allows us to start making choices from a place of better understanding of our purpose and divine gifts instead of from a space of following unconscious patterns that may have benefited us lifetimes ago but are not beneficial to our purpose in this current lifetime.

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Processing of your data

Soul Reading in the Akashic Records

1 live session (up to 1,5 hrs) where findings are shared and what you need help with is discussed

Clearing Work (Elina performs the clearing work privately, you do not need to be present doing the clearing work as the healing is quantum).


Instructions on your 21-day ”energy homework” + written material such as 21-day prayer and Soul Profile information for you to keep.

Live sessions can be done on Zoom or Skype where you can press record – this way you get to keep the recordings with everything we discuss for future reference.

Please be sure to READ THROUGH before requesting this clearing!!!

Important info on what happens after the clearing.

Read through so you are fully aware of what you are signing up for!

Dear One,

this clearing is incredibly powerful and it can take some time for your third dimensional reality to catch up with the changes/clearing that has taken place on soul level.

Patience, connecting with your breath, identifying your new needs and working towards creating change to have those needs met is the best course of action. Otherwise, things can feel very frustrating if after clearing those patterns we keep on acting the same way out of habbit. It can feel as if your Soul is kicking for change (of lifestyle, relationships, career even!) but you refuse to follow through with the transformation – this resistance can be felt as intense frustration or even manifest as illness so before you decide to request this clearing work be very sure you are commited to following the nudges for change that your Spirit will start sending you more and more powerfully as a result of clearing the blockages that had disallowed you for so long to hear your Inner Guidance. These nudges can be through your own intuition or through your own emotions (for example feeling discomfort regarding a path that does not support your Divine Self-Expression or feeling peace and trust towards taking on a job opportunity that actually is in alignment with your Divine Gifts and would support your Divine Self-Expression).

After the clearing your lifelong job is basically to listen to your Inner Guidance and act on it, slowly but steadily (so as not to cause major disruptions to your wellbeing or sense of stability) transforming your life into one that supports you the most on all levels – emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually. Again, such shifts cannot happen overnight so you want to be patient with yourself and understand that in this 3rd-dimensional setting things require some time before they can settle.

Your work is also to listen to the way your Spirit speaks to you through your emotions or your body, to notice the syncronicities, to cultivate your connection with your Inner Being and the Divine Assistance available all around us (God, Universe, Angels, whatever you may call it) and to respect your Soul’s need for living in alignment. Living against your Purpose or Soul’s true calling will feel very uncomfortable after such a clearing because all the illusions that were blocking your access to your Inner Truth have been removed and while those illusions were acting as coping mechanisms for you to be able to live against your Soul Truth without that feeling as painful, now they are gone and so it is possible (but not a must) that you can no longer live with the same relationships or habits you used to carry till now.

A good example of this is my own personal story of realising (after my clearing back in the day), that the career i had been building in the music industry was actually extremely depleting for my energy. This discomfort ”pushed” me to discover that there were other ways for me to pursue my creative passions: I slowly exited any record label contracts and ensembles i was in and became an independent recording artist instead of killing myself by trying to fit into the ”system” and accepting to put up with manipulative managers and producers.

See i couldn’t do that anymore – my Soul was kicking! There were no coping mechanisms for me to be able to do that anymore. Staying there had become unbearable pushing me to create change.

Up to that point I was known for giving my all to relationships with emotionally and mentally abusive partners. After my clearing, it felt as if my eyes had opened and suddenly i could see my lying, cheating partner for what he was. He had even convinced me that i wouldn’t survive financially if i left him even though i was the one putting food on the table (speaking about imprinted programming, right?). I was most importantly able to see my own patterns that had been responsible for my own poor boundaries, people pleasing and attracting all those dishonest people again and again into my experience.

I released this relationship with grace and very soon i met the love of my life with whom we even went on to build businesses together and achieve milestones that had seemed so out of reach before because of vows and unjustified karma still active in my Akashic Records from past lifetimes.

Another thing i came to see was that i had so many gifts that had been waiting to be explored such as my clairvoyant and psychic abilities. My Spirit was nudging me to put those to good use and to be of service. I followed that nudge  by training as energy healer, meditation teacher and eventually opening my own intuitive services business. Offering clarity and guidance to people with my tarot and angel readings showed me how my purpose was more than I had allowed my self to perceive until that point. 

Those realisations took commitment on my part and change had to be implemented in slow and steady ways so as not to cause disruption (i didn’t up and leave my unfullfiling job – i slowly but steadily built my new work and planned my exit).

Having said all that, if you had energy work done on you before this should not feel heavy or overwhelming but it could still feel quite eye-opening so again, you need to be sure you are commited to acting on the Guidance that will emerge within you. This is no ”fix me” trick. I get to request the clearing but You are the one who is responsible for upholding those changes so as not to have the same blockages return again. 

This clearing because of its powerful effects can be done once every year or every other year. If you had this clearing once already i would not recommend you to request another one earlier than 6 months later. This way we avoid overwhelming your spiritual bodies. 

I allow my clients to request an Akashic Records reading first and after i have shared my findings with them they can choose if they want me to proceed with clearing what i found or they ask me to just leave it as it is if they don’t feel comfortable with creating transformation in their lives at that particular time.

Very often alone me sharing with the Client what i found and discussing with them how these blockages manifest in their daily life experience, helps the Client recognize and understand their patterns of behavior that give power to these blockages. Pouring the light of awareness in those ”dark” corners allows often the Client to say ”I’m done with this” and to create change for themselves. Next time they come for a reading these blockages are not there anymore without me having done clearing work – so transformational the power of your own consciousness and awareness can be. Again, you are the authority. I can request the clearing but you are the authority over your life responsible for implementing and upholding change.


By booking this session, you agree that you are not (and are not to be during the session with Elina) under perception altering or other medication, psychotropics, alcohol or other drugs and that you are not in need of psychiatric therapy or supervision.

This session as well as the content on is meant only for educational and entertainment purposes and not for replacing professional medical, financial, psychological, legal or other advice. If you experience health or any other issues please consult with a professional. Elina’s services are complementary in nature and do not replace primary medical, psychological or psychiatric care nor should be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult your professional healthcare providers before embarking on any new treatment.

Client agrees to be mindful of his/her/their own health and wellbeing during the provision of any of our services and to seek appropriate medical treatment (including, but not limited to, psychotherapy) if needed.

Elina’s Alchemy does not provide, and does not hold itself out as providing, medical, therapy, or psychotherapy services.

Elina’s Alchemy is not responsible for any decisions made by Client as a result of the coaching and any consequences thereof.


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