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GRAND OPENING August 2023!


The Sacred Manifestors Circle is a safe space to connect and work through prayer, ritual and practice directing energy within a group of like-minded souls.

There is no limit to what we wish to manifest and no limit to the peace we are able to cultivate through prayer, ritual and connecting with Spirit through exclusive readings and channelings.

Events shall have default themes to help us get started but anyone can bring in their own intentions.

Members can vote for what an event focuses on (peace manifestation, focus on healing a specific chakra, abundance manifestation, or even if one member needs help to manifest something – for example we can arrange to send healing to someone who is sick or focus our energy onto someone’s intention to get a new job through visualization and healing techniques).

Livestreams and pre-recorded events, release and manifestation rituals, prayer sessions and group meditations. Exclusive channelings, pulling cards, clearings and healings, sound baths and meditations are to be facilitated during these events within the Sacred Manifestors Circle.

One event per month (you can also vote whether you want New Moon or Full Moon ritual events or another date that is significant such as the 8/8 or 11/11 Portals).

WE LAUNCH AUGUST 8th 2023 with the first event ”THE HEART CENTER”, where we will be focusing on the heart chakra with healing, prayer, sound bath and intuitive readings.

Let us unite and supercharge our intentions together in a safe space.


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