Full Moon in Aquarius 2023 & Lunar Nodes Shift Into Aries/Libra

Full Moon IN AQUARIUS 2023 August 1st

Beautiful Alchemists!

I am back after 3 weeks of entertaining family, travelling and doing healing sessions, recording new music and more! But I have been pausing in between and catching up with the energies, looking deeply to understand the guidance from the Great Beyond.

So much has been going on in the heavens and in the world and yet, peace can be found in the in-between, in little moments of quiet reflection, through focus on the breath.

Elina's Alchemy Tree Of Life Flower Of Eternal Life

Currently, it seems like the ascension process on the planet has accelerated even more – often there are times of acceleration and extra intensity and times when things get quiet again.

This time around, themes around speaking your mind and being OK about it, are prominently coming forth into our consciousness. You may feel the need to speak up or you may find yourself having to speak up or stand up for yourself – and having even to make peace with it. Those who are learning boundaries, need extra self-care right now. Hug yourself a bit more often, if you can! 🙂

Generally, something I am catching is the sense of having done something wrong even though you have not – especially if you have had to speak up or make moves forward lately and you catch yourself feeling insecure or even guilty about it – it’s not your material only.

Collective guilt around defending ones own best interests (in a way that is not narcissistic), is being purged so if you find yourself feeling like you’re under the gun but you can’t put your finger on it, like, ”why do I feel this way?” please know it is in the collective right now – A LOT! Call upon your I AM presence and your angels to help clear your energy and affirm you are returning to your core and centre.

Full Moon IN AQUARIUS 2023 August 1st

August 1st, we have a Full Moon In Aquarius (9 degrees and 16 minutes of Aquarius, opposite the Sun at the same degree of Leo, and affecting planets at approximately 5 to 14 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) the most.)

Aquarius is an energy that values individual genius and independence but at the same time also values team spirit, community, audiences, group spirit. This Full Moon may illuminate this conflict but the alchemy here lies in choosing to be within groups that allow the individual to express its genius without needing to conform to molds that do not resonate.

In other words, don’t go to that dinner if you know this is not your tribe. Stay home and do what your own genius dictates. I have been doing this myself, lately, too. I was invited by a group to a dinner. I went out with them but the company was so incompatible that it felt almost like a waste of my time. Then they invited me for the next day, as well. I let them go and stayed home. I felt a bit ”wrong” to do this, as I thought ”you can stay home any day, why not go do something new? It can’t be so much better at home, doing what you’re always doing”. And yet… I had such a wonderful time staying home that I found myself laughing out loud ”indeed, it is so much cooler that I stayed, I am having an amazing time, I would be freaking bored had I gone”.

This Full Moon, you see, is teaching us that no, anything is not better than being alone and that alone doesn’t mean lonely when you fill your time with what your genius dictates (I personally went out and did herbs-hunting and on the way back I found on the street an abandoned canvas so I went home and did a painting that now will hang at the entrance of my apartment). Be with likeminded tribe or be by yourself. Do not be with tribe that doesn’t feel condusive to expressing your genius. AND stand behind whatever choice you make, don’t feel like you are doing something ”wrong” – this is not you, it is just conditioning bubbling up to be reprogrammed by you taking different action that what you have until now.

Just, as always, with Full Moons, let’s make sure we stay grounded and balanced and not go to extremes and especially as this Full Moon is squaring Jupiter (currently in Taurus), suggesting some over-the-top energy connected to our realizations and epiphanies (Jupiter magnifies what may already be expanded and bombastic).

In combination with Venus, the planet of what we love/value/are attracted to, being retrograde (from July 22nd to September 3rd) we want to be balanced in our statements of attraction or repulsion as we can’t be too sure about anything right now so just focus a moment at a time and slip out of situations you don’t love, without burning bridges if you can. Venus Rx tends to burn bridges in regards to friendships, love and money affairs by itself but it’s always for the better. Retrograde planets look back at what is not healthy for the long run and do a bit of a clean-up (or more like a renovation because things may be a bit messy right at the beginning but clear soon and by the end of such transits you usually have new/better data to work with). Just for context, Venus is currently in Leo, ruled by the Sun and ruling matters of the heart, drama, art, beauty, creativity, children, the 5th house in astrology which relates to romance and pleasure. Look to your natal chart, what Leo rules as that house is the one influenced most by those energies.

Through all transits and shifts in the Heavens, staying balanced down here means staying connected to your breath, going out in nature for grounding, self-care, meditation or prayer to connect to your Spirit Team and asking for assistance from your Angels, using affirmations to decree new realities into existence. This is how we raise our frequency and transcend the lower-expressions of any transit. That is how any astrological transit ends up being a GOOD one for us and we can trust that even among any demolition, better is to be delivered to us right after.

LUNAR NODES SHIFT: On July 17, 2023 we experienced a “shift” of the nodal axis, from Taurus/Scorpio where it has been the past 2 years, into Aries/Libra.

This type of nodal shift occurs every 18 months, and is part of a larger 18 year cycle. The North Node will be in Aries for the collective for the next 2 years and so expect everyone to get their leadership hat on.

The past 2 years the collective had been following an inspiration to slow down and connect with the Earth and the feminine principles, become more embodied, focus on finances and stability and take care of the physical body more – North Node was in Taurus so no wonder these were the years when the industry of health supplements exploded more than ever before. Meanwhile, we purged and shed a lot of our past, traumas, fears and went into healing more deeply -South Node was in Scorpio – mental health, discussions around trauma etc exploded and came into the mainstream, especially in western media that used to be trauma-phobic and all toxic positivity. Suddenly you had every mainstream artist making an album about their overdose. You had almost everyone on the media writing a book about their childhood traumas or abuse they endured while working in their respective industries. Social media accounts around mental health and narcissistic abuse recovery exploded as well. Witchcraft came into the mainstream as a last round of collectively integrating this aspect. Especially witchy and slow living content on social media exploded as it combined both the South Node in Scorpio love for the occult and the North Node in Taurus love for grounded simplicity and reverence for the daily life.

Now, with North Node in Aries, we can expect the mainstream matrix to start venturing out in more masculine manners while questioning/re-evaluating and even maybe releasing or redefining relationships and partnerships (South Node in Libra).

Always choose how you want to be showing up/moving in the world from your heart and not from what everyone else is doing influenced by collective currents of energy. Peer pressure is a real thing in this world but connecting to the breath on a daily basis and clearing your energy, helps us stay rooted in our truth and true path.

All my Love,

Your Elina


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