September 2021 Equinox, Shadow Work & Establishing Designated Areas For Healing In Your Home

September 2021 Equinox: Adressing the shadow to open up to more light!

Dear Alchemists, I have been enjoying the Equinox – energy is at pick until the 25th of September. Relaxing and roaming around with no make up and messy hair and stylistic choices that let’s say would get me arrested if i lived in New York 😂

A lot of shadow can emerge these days for transmutation and healing. Be gentle with any intense emotions that arise-they do not define you. The old stories are over. You are doing a clearing before moving forward to the new stories.

Be present with your anxiety/sorrow/negativity and find ways to soothe yourself and process any pain that may arise. Things are flashing out because of the Equinox right after the full moon in Pisces. Pisces is the last zodiac sign in the cycle and so this time marks the ending of a lot of your old stories you’ve been carrying within you yet they do not serve anymore. Let them go. Purge, cry, dance, move your body to move energy and use breathwork to ground. Spend time in nature.

You are being upgraded. Do not fear the shadow for only through it we can find the light. Spirit is opening us up to be able to receive more light and so any pain that had been stored there could flood out for you to see in your daily life/relationships/mindsets/beliefs/external reality. Be patient, be present, help yourself recalibrate and help the nervous system regulate. It’s pretty on the other side 🥰🧿✨💜🌺

Commiting to transmuting shadow patterns into potential!

Currently I am back to shadow work and transmuting patterns into potential. This work needs space and safety to express itself. Meditation, prayer, visualization and journaling, EFT and breathwork are tools that go hand in hand with healing and becoming our greatest potential.

But why are we having a tough time to commit doing those things consistently even though we know the benefit/reward?

What has helped me along my journey has been to have a little corner in my home designated for this work exclusively. I don’t sit there to eat or watch tv or make phone calls. It is a zero distractions zone and when i sit there my mind is wired to know it is time for inner work and focus.

With time it has become muscle memory to go and sit there at specific hours of the day and do healing work because i see the chair waiting there for me so it works for accountability for me. And that’s how i stay committed as best as i can given that we all have a life and things can come between you and your meditation practice.

Currently i have two designated areas. The one on the picture is one of the two. The other one is in my bedroom. The only reason i have two is because i share my home with my wonderful man so i like to pull away somewhere on my own to do intimate/vulnerable work (rewiring trauma responses for example). If my man is doing stuff in the bedroom i will go to my area in the living room and vice versa. I had to create two areas to make sure my man’s life/schedule (we’re both very independent) does not interfere with my healing because i want to share a home with him but i also want my healing to be sacred and respected.

Your designated area does not have to look fancy or anything.

When i started my journey i lived in a tiny apartment in Germany and i only had a little pillow i would put on the floor and say „now this is my inner work space“ and when i was done i would put the pillow back on my couch where it would normally be. Affirming aloud that „this is my healing space“ allowed me to visualise a bubble around that pillow and feel comforted and focused. In time you will find what works for you and make adjustments but you got to start from somewhere 😘✨

Do YOU have an inner work area? What does it look/feel like? 


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