Hauntings & What To Do If You Feel Your Place Is Haunted

Today’s episode on Elina’s Alchemy Podcast is about hauntings!

As energy healer doing property clearings for years i have come to certain conclusions regarding the topic and specifically i believe that in a haunting situation we are the authority and we are not powerless as Hollywood movies insist on showing us.

Listen to my podcast episodes on hauntings below to find out:

  • – How hauntings are created
  • – How negative energy may manifest itself in a space
  • – What factors can influence the situation and where our power lies in turning the situation around and clearing the space
  • – How to clear negative energy from your space
  • – How to send off entities & request assistance when things go spooky in the middle of the night
  • – True stories from my personal experience on hauntings & clearing negative energy in spaces



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