Lion’s Gate 8/8/2021: Prepare For Greatness!

Lion's Gate: What Is It?

The upcoming LION’S GATE is a phenomenon occuring every year on August 8th and we are days away from it at the moment of me writing this blog.

The Lion’s Gate is a cosmic alignment that takes place when the Earth and the star Sirius align and so the 8th of August every year is a portal of energy influx into our planet. Astrologically, this portal is called the lion’s gate portal due to the sun being in the sign of Leo.

What Energies Are Involved?

The sign of Leo is all about big heartedness, creativity, excellence, glorious greatness, powerfully living from the heart, acting on our heart’s desire, expressing our authenticity, being seen and celebrated for who we truly are.

The energy of personal empowerment is something we can powerfully tap into during the days leading up to the 8th of August (and a few days after). During those days the skies are literally favoring bold moves towards living our purpose, living out our creativity in brave ways, not holding on to rigidity or conforming with standards but acting as our empowered selves and looking confident while doing that.

Truly the lion’s gate is such an incredible cosmic awakening moment every year and even if we look at it from a numerological standpoint (the 8/8 portal, right?), 8 stands for infinity, the eternal nature of the soul but also abundance.

Ascension, embodying your greatness and accepting your sovereignity as divine being on this planet are some of the key themes of the lions gate and i believe that certain light beings are directing light codes and high energies at us from other star systems to help us with our ascension and evolution.

What Should I Be Doing During The Lion's Gate?

Expect huge loads of light flooding into our planet and our own system (our physical bodies included). Our planet is receiving every year an upgrade and by being on the planet we benefit from this, too.

During the lions gate, the Orion’s Belt system directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza. It is known that the pyramids in Egypt and elsewhere, used to be portalways for information and entities to pass into and out of our planet. In the same way, galactic information influx is occuring during the Lion’s Gate Portal and so you want to be open to receiving that.

You want to take time for meditation and quiet. Allow yourself to open up to the cosmic wisdom flowing onto our planet so it sits within your system and becomes integrated to help you embody your highest version.

DNA activations (light code activations within our dna) are indeed occuring during this time.

Spend time in nature as much as you can, stay focused on your breath, meditate, do breathwork and move your body to open up to the wonderful high vibrational energy flooding our planet during this time.

What is of utmost importance is practicing discernment between the polarities of our world at this time.

During the Lion’s Gate days you want to be mindful of what you allow into your experience because you are manifesting rapidly. 

You may do manifestation work: write petitions, use journaling, scripting, prayer.

Choose actively and consciously to remove yourself from low vibrational situations. Unplug from negativity whichever area you have that in your life but more than anything unplug yourself from toxic media -even ‘’truthers’ or other people overly focused on exposing conspiracies and stuff like that. These days you might want to choose to step away from that and actively choose to tap into the light and the positive upliftment that you want to invite into your life.

Because of the things our world is experiencing right now more than ever we want to ensure we are creating the tomorrow we wanna see for ourselves and our planet.


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