Seeing Feathers? Learn Their Color Meanings!

Seeing feathers everywhere? It’s a sign your angels and archangels are close and they have a message for you!

We see feathers because our angels are basically saying ”hi!”. They want to make us aware of their presence. Why? So that we know there is divine assistance around us waiting for us to ask directly for help and Divine Intervention in our lives.

How do we determine the message of a feather based on its color? Colors carry frequency. We have all heard things such as the color red is associated with passion while green is healing and light blue is calming, yellow is joyus and so on, right? Different colors resonate with different energies and frequencies.

Read on to uncover the meanings of feathers according to their colors:

White feathers

White feathers are the most common ones.

White is widely associated with purity, clarity, healing, energy clearing, angelic presence, higher consciousness, cleanliness of signal and vibration. Most often i perceive it as angels showing us they are right there with us in our situation.

If you are going through tough times, white feathers carry the message of ”Listen, i know it’s been hard but have no fear, it is all part of the plan. You are heading towards something better. You have to trust in the Divine. Talk to us when you feel doubtful or hurt, give us your worries and fears. Trust the Divine Timing and the Universe’s for you’’. 

White feathers are kind of general messengers. Your angels could be simply saying ”hi” or ‘’we hear you/we got your message’’ – especially if you’ve asked for a sign or clarity on a topic, expect that clarity to start flowing into your life in various forms.

White feathers can also mean ‘‘’all is well, no need to worry about a situation, we got this for you’’ or it can be an invitation to pray and talk to your angels directly and ask for their assistance and intervention in your life. 

Our angels do not overstep and do not act on our behalf unless directly asked to do so. So if you see a white feather, go ahead, sit outside in nature and ask away. This is your sign they hear you and they are open to your requests. 

Black feathers

With black feathers the themes are protection and warnings.

Black feathers may serve as a warning or as a sign of protection. Another thing is you may need to clear your energy. Many intuitive people pick up unwillingly energies from their environments such as through intense conversations, the news, their stressful job and so this may serve as a reminder to take some time off to cleanse your energy.

Have you been feeling scared and fearful or the state of the world?

A black feather is most probably telling you you are protected and it might do you good to protect your energy by not exposing yourself to toxic media, people or places because they mess up with your energy.

Black is the color of authority and in this case how you exercise your authority upon your own energy may be a thing to consider: are you allowing your energy to be compromised/drained by external factors?

The message here is ”we protect you always from very serious things but you also need to be mindful of the situations you place yourself in”.

Cleanse, clear, sever, cut chords or just withdraw from things draining you. Protect your energy.

Brown feathers

Brown feathers are associated with the need to ground your energy.

Spending too much time in your head or not spending enough time out in nature may have been the case. Moving your body, honoring your embodiment etc are things you want to do when seeing brown feathers.

Brown feathers also relate to your judgement being clouded right now so the message is to clear your head before you make any decision.

There is something you are not seeing right and especially if you are in distress you want to get out in nature, put your bare feet on the earth, ground yourself, do some earthing to flush out of your system any energies that you may have picked up and may be interfering with your ability to see things clearly and make decisions that benefit you.

Brown feathers also relate to our basic needs being met: the physicality, the material realm including money in the sense of basic survival.

Finding brown feathers can also hint towards manifestation in the sense of something turning into matter so again we are talking about energy becoming grounded. It may be hinting towards a desire or idea of yours turning from just an idea into something solid (materializing into this third dimensional reality).

If you have been asking for assistance with material issues such as with money, this is a message of ‘’we heard your prayer specifically on this topic’’. Expect movement into this area sooner or later.

You may also be gently nudged to take some action on a project you wish to bring to life. If you have been too much in your head overthinking it or paralyzing yourself with multiple choices unable to make a decision a brown feather is basically saying ”come on, just get into action, enough overanalyzing, you are messing yourself up!”

Still, however, you want to get out in nature, ground yourself, clear your head and then proceed.

Pink feathers

Pink feathers relate to romance, femininity and allowing yourself to fall into your feminine energy which deals with being receptive to the best this life has to offer.

Beauty, self-care, romance, rekindling love are some of the themes pink feathers bring to your awareness – always depending on your situation, what you may have prayed for or may be currently dealing with.

Green feathers

Green feathers are associated with healing and financial abundance. 

However, green feathers is also associated with the heart space, living from the heart, honoring one’s emotions and letting your Inner Being guide you on how to live your life.

Archangels Raphael and Ariel are associated with green feathers.

Green feathers are a bit more rare but you may find one potentially coming from some exotic bird such as a parrot or if you are near water they might come from birds such as ducks.

Either way, finding green feathers is about doing what is best for your heart and honoring your emotional needs, respecting your own timing and moving at your own pace just like a duck floats with the flow of the river and doesn’t rush but is in harmony with the rythm of nature, with the divine masterplan that ensures the animal’s survival and wellbeing.

Also if you think about it, neither the duck nor the parrot worry about things such as food. The duck understands that nature is always giving plenty of what the duck needs and the parrot (most often) is taken care of by a human who feeds it daily. If the parrots live in nature, they usually live in regions that have very lush vegetation and once again they have everything they could ever need to not only survive but thrive!

Expect similar experiences for yourself when you find green feathers and focus on getting yourself into a mindset that says ”i have everything i need, the universe always takes care of my needs. I follow my heart and this heals me and brings me the abundance and prosperity that is my birthright”.

In some cases expect even luxury while if you have had financial struggles and you find a green feather expect solutions to your problems.

Archangel Ariel is caring for the creatures in nature and for our basic needs being met so it may be an invitation to ask Archangel Ariel’s intervention on your situation.

If you are dealing with health issues, Archangel Raphael, the master Healer is coming through to urge you to ask for assistance. If you have been already praying for help regarding your health, consider the help you asked for approaching.

Expect betterment of health or expect to bump on that piece of information or on a healer that will help you return to optimum health.

Purple feathers

I associate purple feathers with the higher realms, higher consciousness, Archangel Zadkiel and personal transformation.

Purple feathers can also be considered feathers that look almost aubergine in color.

Usually, finding purple feathers is an invitation to meditate, focus on raising our vibration or focus on expanding our third eye skills.

If you are currently in the midst of something challenging and you find purple feathers consider this as confirmation that all is going to work out for you. You are very likely in the middle of transformation. Transformation can feel very uncomfortable sometimes but you should not worry or feel stressed as things will straighten out sooner or later and you need to be patient for the time being while focusing on cultivating a higher frequency.

New things that are better aligned with your purpose are to come into your life.

Blue feathers

Blue feathers may be fake feathers or may be coming from some exotic bird such as peacocks, parrots or ducks. 

Either way blue feathers are associated with Archangel Michael. Many times, in my view, Archangel Raziel also uses blues feathers to make contact. 

Healing, calming energies are to start flowing into your life or you are being urged to create these conditions in your life through meditation, stress management and speaking your truth with compassion.

The throat chakra is activated or highlighted here and the question is what is your truth? Do you know your truth? Do you express it freely or do you suppress your truth and play roles out of fear of being rejected? How authentically do you show up into this world in your relationships, work and self-image?

These are all questions to ponder when bumping on a blue feather and of course if you need help around those issues, you are invited and urged to ask directly for assistance from Archangel Michael to help you with discovering your authentic identity and have the confidence to go all out with it into the world.

Archangel Gabriel may also be helpful in assisting you to learn to speak your truth, embody more of your own divine authenticity and become a better communicator especially if you have issues around expression, diplomacy etc.

Grey feathers

Finding grey feathers deals with peace, wisdom and generally grey feathers pop up after stressful periods either to remind you to take time for yourself to recover or to assure you things will be getting calmer from now on for you.

Grey feathers bring a message that through whatever stressful, intense or busy phase or chapter you just closed, you came to learn so much and acquired much needed wisdom, which you now will have the time to integrate during a more peaceful period.

If you are self-employed, finding grey feathers ask that you make sure you create space for down time in between work.

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