Spiritual Alchemy: Switching Timelines & Winning In Life!

Podcast Transcript:

Currently, with everything going on in our world currenty, i found myself contemplating during my meditation about how not only the past 1 year but within my own life at least the last decade has definitely proven and taught me that we are constantly co-creating with the Divine and that a lot of what’s going on in our day to day life experience is an indication of where we stand vibrationally;

the energy we carry in the form of our emotions, thought patterns, habbits, the way we speak and behave, our attitudes. All of the above and more, constitute basically our frequency and according to that we attract experiences. 

However, while i was thinking about us, humans, in this way (attracting experiences accordingly), Spirit kind of nudged me to replace the word attracting with the concept of simply being at the right place at the right time to experience something that carries an energy that matches that which we carry. 

So today i felt guided to share about the fact –and i say fact because even quantum physics/science has proven, that there are parallel timelines our reality runs on and it IS easy to move from one timeline to another if you don’t like the timeline you are currently on and you wish to see different results. 

The timeline you are on currently is dictated by your vibrational standpoint.

That is basically made up from all that you choose to focus on, what you cultivate within your energy field.

So if you wanna change timeline you just have to shift your focus. Easy, right?

That’s why it is so important to just let things go and not hold on to something for too long or too rigidly. If for example something happened in your day that angered you, you want to process it and not just stuff it down. You might want to brain-dump on a piece of paper about it or tell someone about it (if you are the type that processes things verbally). Do what you gotta do and let it go so it doesn’t linger in your energy field long enough to start reappearing in your reality. 

But going back to the concept of the multiple/parallel timelines.

Let’s say you are moving from a place of stress or worrying about money, you’re gonna be moving in a timeline where stress is reflected in your experience and more experiences that make you feel worried about money are going to be there for you cause thats what you called in with your focus -with your emotional and mental energy.

Most times the results don’t even just roll in on their own – most times you just make a decision that reflects the state of mind you are in.

Let’s say you get a job where you have to work under someone you absolutely don’t have a good feeling about and yet you accept the job because of that fear or stress around money. Now, without realising it maybe, you have just showed the Universe that you support that! You are basically perpetuating that fear-based energy because you made the decision to take the job despite your gut telling you your boss is not someone you wanna be working for. So then you get surprised when a month in, your boss is actually bullying you or overworking you and maybe even threatening to fire you if you don’t play along.

So you have a new experience now in your plate that reflects that same feeling of fear and stress about money you held in the first place when you took action towards taking the job.

This makes us understand that we wanna cultivate the overaching energy in our field very carefully because based on that energy we carry, we end up making decisions which then lead back to us receiving more of that intital energy that went into the decision making.

And that is because mostly the Universe is very accomodating -it tries its best to match you up with things and people and situations and experiencing emotions that resonate with what you already carry energetically speaking.

Now some people get scared when they hear something like that but to me if anything it feels like hope and promise.

For those thinking ‘so it is all up to me – but what if i mess up?’’ 

Well there’s nothing to be afraid of in this regard because you are already constantly co-creating with the Universe. You are constantly already switching timelines an action at a time, an emotion at a time so if anything, feel powerful and feel at ease because even if you mess up somewhere you have all the opportunity to bounce back into a timeline you prefer better. All you got to do is shift your focus.

Now, there are times when i realise that i have not been very vigilant and i might have found myself in a timeline i don’t like so much. When i realise that, i use a little visualization:

I like to imagine as if i am carrying some burden (i take often the picture from the 10 of wands from the tarot where you have this guy carrying 10 big wands and he’s overburdened by it). So i bring this picture in my head and then i see me dropping all of this load, letting it go and this signals my subconscious that it’s time to return to alignment. 

Understand this: you are not on your own and there are plenty of tools to help you slip back into alignment.

Meditation is one of those tools (my free meditation with Guardian Angel Haziel for example).

Other tools are prayer or spending time in nature. 

If you go sit by the water and you just think of the water cleansing your mind it works wonders!

Visualize your mind in the water and as the water moves naturally see how it cleanses your mind and it takes away all the mind chatter. This always helps me truly release blocked space mentally and when you do that you can feel your energy lifting, you start to realise you are vibrating in the frequency of love instead of the frequency of fear.

Because the truth is that in the universe all frequencies basically fall under two big categories: that of love or that of fear.

So when you start feeling you are moving in the frequency of love – usually it feels like relief when you start shifting from fear to love, then you are able to also see manifestation occur as well.

Another tool to help you shift timelines is truly to choose to vibrate from a space of joy, appreciation, anticipation, excitement, finding the joy in the little things. You’re going to find yourself in a completely different timeline. 

Now this alone shows again that you should have no fear of messing this up. Our experience after all is so adjustable and so always in motion and so open to your ”manipulation” so to speak. 

Sometimes i forget this, myself. And then i remind myself: ”you have to start from where you are”.

Now, this is where appreciation comes in. And appreciation is a little different than gratitude.

Some years ago, i was not exactly broke but i had newly moved completely on my own into a new country in my early 20s to pursue a career in the music industry and i was not exactly the starving artist, there was always a little to go around with but indeed i spent some years eating only cheap pasta and tomato sauce.

I used to live in a tiny apartment and for the longest time i felt bad about my circumstances. I was very heavily focused on what i did not have and was comparing it to what others had or to what i had back in my mother country before i left (my family had many houses and we lived well and suddenly here i was little Elina having so much less and being very self-conscious about it). Especially when I first arrived in Germany it took me a year to find a job and when I did I was making 500€ per month (and 420€ was my rent alone). I was in a relationship with a person who was not only not contributing but was irresponsible enough to let me come all the way to Germany to build a life with him only to show me then how un-committed he was and by the time he had shown his true face all of my savings had been used up so i felt trapped!

As you can tell, there was a lot of victimization in my consciousness. 

And it is true that, I had nobody to even tell me there were opportunities for people like me to get some financial support from the state to be able to not worry about my survival. I had nobody to guide me around in this new, foreign country, either, as my partner would leave me alone in our apartment for weeks at a time to travel for his business. At the same time i was not empowered enough to either make the decision to leave or see how i could make this situation into something else. I was frozen. This was all extremely new to me.

Furthermore, I felt a sense of betrayal for the fact that i was lead to leave my country to go build a life with someone who had showed how much he had wanted the same only for me to arrive and be put on hold, have my resources used and eventually have me put in the backburner of this person’s life.

I had very poor boundaries and this allowed all sorts of other abusive people around me around those same years.

So I was very fear based because i was traumatized, my relationship with my family had a lot of resentment in it, my friendships were all plagued by betrayals, meanwhile i was in a foreign land trying to go after a career that just wouldn’t seem to happen and so you understand my life was not exactly perfect and frankly it was the way it was because i hadn’t realized yet that i could have better conditions if i wanted to. More and more stuff kept pilling up.

And yet it was that timeline i was in that i was able to switch things around from and shift into a different timeline.

Now for some of us, this switch is actually so easy and simple that as in my case back then, we do not even see it, we do not even realise it is available to us and so for Spirit to help us see it, for some of us there needs to be some type of meltdown, some type of break down that breaks us in a way that we finally stop doing everything we do and just surrender. And in that surrender there is the opportunity, there is a moment you become present and you see the opportunity to start shifting your focus right from where you are.

It is those moments where the burden has gotten so heavy you feel like ‘’i need a break from that’’ and you start introducing little distractions that are very powerful in carrying you into a different frequency.

For me it was appreciation.

I said to myself ‘’i can’t keep on looking at my circumstances that make me feel bad, i have reached rock bottom, now i need to look at what IS working in my life and focus on that to give me joy, to lift me up or i’m gonna flip completely’’.

So i started with the little things.

Around where i lived, there was a park. I started going every day out in nature, praying at the park. I started watching motivational videos on youtube. I started moving around the very few furniture i had in my apartment, finding new ways to style them and find little moments of joy in decorating a salad and taking pictures of it. I also started meditating with an app on my phone.

I started investing more energy in the job i had found and tried to find purpose in it. I ended up helping so many young people at that job – i helped them literally find their own voices and their confidence (i was teaching music by the way).

Suddenly i started getting all those new projects and that brought me quite some money. Other jobs started coming through and i took them all with the curiosity of ”what purpose can i find in those jobs”? The question became: How can i be of service and be the best i can be?

And mind you, i had left my home country to go become a music star, right? So what changed here? My perspective changed from all about me achieving status to how can i find joy and purpose in the very little i had in front of me.

So because i became so good at that job, people started asking for my services because they could see it mattered to me how i got the job done and the lasting impact my presence had in every project i oversaw. This brought me financial prosperity. Nothing crazy at first but enough to help me put more furniture into my apartment. Remember when i said i was moving around my furniture when i had very little trying to find ways to style them? Well see, the intention was to bring me joy so more joy came in indeed because now i could afford to have my apartment fully furnished. It was stuff i got second hand but my couch gave me so much joy (i had now a place to relax).

I brought plants into my apartment and it made me feel like i had something luxurious! I diy-ed some old bookshelves into a big built-in-looking bookcase which was a dream of mine (i always wanted to have one in my own home as i grew up with both my mom and my grandma having those big libraries at home).

At the same time, i started going out to other cities, exploring. I would ride the train and go take pictures of this and that. I would talk with people i didn’t even know on the streets and i felt like i was on vacation while for the longest time this place had felt like the biggest mistake of my life. So many amazing things happened so fast in the next 2 years that followed that sometimes i have to blink to this day.

I kicked the toxic boyfriend, i found the love of my life with whom we went on to build businesses together, we travelled a lot, we built our own music studio and music academy which still blossoms to this day and was able to sustain us even during the pandemic and so much more. So what changed? How did the poor little Elina of old, suddenly get all this good stuff? 

I had of course a breakdown that allowed the old me to fall away for the new to come in but this is a story for another blog. 

The secret for my life transformation was using the power of appreciation, the power of pausing for a moment to see where you are and find something you can feel joy, appreciation about and allow it to stirr further joy in you.

Also: seeing how you can be of service, how you can be the best you can be and help the most where you are, how you can leave the place better than you found it.

Don’t look at what is. See how you can leave it better than you found it by creating this vision and asking Spirit to deliver.

Prayer and speaking life over yourself is so important on this. Speak it. Say ‘’i call in x into my experience now to come and find me’’ and then get into the receiving mode by doing something or focusing on something that brings you joy, happiness, love, relief. 

Then you know there is no presence of fear to block your manifestation, you are open, you are receptive to what you just asked for. You are allowing yourself to flow from timeline to timeline. From a timeline of not having it to a timeline where you are getting it.


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