The Importance Of Having A Daily Spiritual Practice

Podcast Transcript

Many people come to me for readings.

Tarot readings, angel readings, spirit guide communication, energy work. The most common reason why people come to me has to do with their life purpose. Most people who come to me are not sure about what they are supposed to be doing in their lives. Truth be told I have been there myself. It was before I ”became a psychic”.

You see, the reason most people go to a psychic in the first place is because they don’t realize they are psychic themselves. 

Having a daily spiritual practice makes you realize you are psychic. You start to receive information from your Inner Being, your Source. You start understanding that there is a whole world around you unseen and all you got to do is energetically tap into its vibration to be able to access it. 

Having a daily spiritual practice helps you understand you are part of the whole, part of the Divine and so you are always connected with God. You see that God is not separate or outside of you.

Having a daily spiritual practice helps you get rid of your anxiety, depression, mental health issues. Why? Because now you are taped into the energy of the Universe which is lifegiving and you are not taped into the energy of the collective (the news on tv, the drama in your neighborhood etc) which is lifesucking.

Having a daily spiritual practice helps you become psychic. It helps you unlock the psychic within that we all are by nature but after our birth we become part of a society that immerses us into experiences that dumpen down our emotional intelligence –  which is the quintessense of being psychic. We become part of a system that takes us away from our natural habitat (nature) and throws us into schooling and other experiences that confuse us.

You see, most people on this planet are clairsentient psychics. They are able to know without any word, exactly how someone feels – through their clairsentience, which is to sense clearly (clear sense).

However, society tells those people they are ”unstable” or they have ADHD. Tells them ”you have mental issues”, instead of teaching those people how to clear their energy from all the energy information overload they receive on the daily in a setting full of phones, satellites, overcrowdedness, squeezed up cities far away from nature.

No, you are not depressed. You don’t have anger issues. You are loaded with vibes, emotions and energies you have picked up. You are possibly feeling someone else’s feelings right now and quite frankly, your system is overloaded by everything you have been picking up for days, weeks, moths, years. 

So what do you do about it?

Learn to distinguish what is your shit and what is external information latched on your auric field.

Having a daily spiritual practice helps you do exactly that: it helps you be in the position to distinguish and clear energies and to be able to use the information you pick up from all around you in a productive manner because what good is your psychic gift if you do not know how to use it productively and instead you let it rot, become congested and wreack havoc on your actual physical nervous system and eventually on your physical body?

I, personally, spent over 10 years thinking i was depressed yet everything cleared up when i established a daily spiritual practice which included clearing my energy, recharging, connecting with Source out in nature, spending time in solitude, staying alone with nothing around but my own energy so that later i could recognize something that had come externally and i could see it as information instead of internalizing it as my own.

Having a daily spiritual practice helps you receive information about what and who other people are, their intentions and how they are likely to treat you or others.

Up until i established a daily spiritual practice, my life was a series of dramatic relationships, full of dishonesty and betrayal and with me crying in a corner asking ‘’why didn’t i see this person for what they were’’.

Having a daily spiritual practice helps you understand and know your worth so that you no longer put up with dishonest people who only want to take but never give back.

It helps you with establishing boundaries because being spiritual is not about being a saint, allowing everyone to come and step over you.

No, it is about your right to authenticity, authentic self-expression, integrity, sovereignity -and boundaries are integral in maintaining one’s integrity and not becoming compromised.

Having a daily spiritual practice teaches you to set boundaries from the heart. It is not about feeling threatened or being on red alert. It is about understanding your needs and setting boundaries to ensure your Inner Being does not get dragged in the mud. 

Having a daily spiritual practice helps you understand and communicate your needs in your relationships and frankly in all areas in your life.

It helps you define and comprehend your values. What are your values? Do you live by your values or by the values of others? You may value down time and alone time or breaks between being creative but you may at the same time live according to a society that values humans being like machines, constantly productive, constantly working, high functioning, never stopping until they run themselves to the ground. When you do that, you confuse yourself as to your life path, your direction.

Establishing a daily spiritual practice helps you return to your path, follow your own pace, your own cycles and so it helps you find direction even amidst the baddest of storms.

It helps you see your patterns and understand where you need to course correct and how. In fact the course correct part happens so organically because again it comes from the heart so it is when you start seeing things falling into place piece by piece and the path becomes clear while before there was only confusion. 

Having a daily spiritual practice helps you understand others, feel the Oneness with others – people, animals, the planet, the environment.

It helps you understand that everyone has different needs and makes you less judgemental because you understand that everyone has their own timing, that not everyone is on the same path or level or timings, that everyone eventually catches up but everyone’s consciousness expands at a different pace so you got to respect where each person is at, at the moment.

Having a daily spiritual practice leads to awakenings about the world you live in, how things are or aren’t as they seem and makes you want to create a clear line regarding where you stand in relationship to that, who do you wanna be, how do you wanna live so eventually it leads you to take responsibility for yourself and your life and path.

You start making changes, you build your own business which is rooted in serving the world and so the world/the universe starts giving back. From the small things to the bigger things. 

I was looking at some flowers at a flower market one day and the lady there just came and handed me over a big branch with this huge wonderful lilly flower on it – a real one. I look at the price; 2€. I turn to catch my wallet and she’s like ”no it’s a gift” and i say ”thank you so much”.

These are the small things that put a smile on your face and when you have a daily spiritual practice you become sensitive to those little things and they inspire you and fill you up with joy – enough to want to reciprocate.

So i am out recently buying salts for my bath and i have 3 bags i wanna buy and i go to the cashier and the shop is so full. They have very few cashiers to serve all of this crowd so the lady at the cash is obviously stressed to the point i felt her frustration on why isn’t she backed up by more colleagues. So i buy the salts, i pay for them and i say to her ‘’am i allowed to leave one of those here for you, as a gift?’’. Immediately she absolutely lightened up and beamed and she said ‘’for me?’’. I said ‘’yes, for you because you work with a lot of people. These are salts, if you have a bathtub, use them, they cleanse your energy cause you work with a lot of people and i used to work in similar envirnments and i know the struggle’’. 

She accepted the gift althought she didn’t seem very familiar with salts and what they can do for you in terms of energy cleansing and stuff like that but this is a person now that possibly got curious to try out using salts and clearing their energy and so when you have a daily spiritual practice you end up doing things that will inspire others to start having one, too – or at least try out and see if it works for them.

And that’s huge.

Consider the ripple effect something like that could have. You could literally have just sent someone on their own spiritual journey, on  getting curious about understanding their energy and how to do things that are lifegiving for them.

Having a daily spiritual practice helps you understand that all life, the whole every day life is spiritual, daily living is a spiritual act and so it makes you question how you live your life and makes you ask yourself ”how would i want to live everyday instead”.

So now you start being more intentional in your daily routine, more selective in what you choose to surround yourself with, what you choose to ingest, to consume, be that food, entertainment, friendships because now you understand that everything is energy so you start being selective about the energy you surround yourself with. 

Having a daily spiritual practice makes you understand that even the daily act of cooking your food is a spiritual act so you start blessing your food.

You start understanding that your words carry vibrations and so you start being intentional with your words, you understand that everything you say is a mantra – it can kickstart manifestation.

You understand that you have an energetical relationship with everything around you including your appliances, technology that you use, your home, your clothes, your car and so you start using your words to direct energy at everything around you.

You start saying thank you to your appliances that help you do what you need to do – they wash your clothes, right? Your fridge keeps your food fresh. Your clothes keep you warm and help you feel confident. When you are out you say thank you to the earth for supporting you, the wind for filling up your lungs and healing you with the vital force energy that it is. 

As a result of all of that which having a daily spiritual practice can do for you, you also get a bonus, (well you get lots of bonuses but the biggest one i’ve seen happening for me is):

You become so confident in the truth of what you are (not what the world wanted you to be or how the world would prefer you to be). Who you truly are inside and so you feel so safe and trusting in this so you show up as that and you don’t need any masks you needed before to sustain you, to help you survive in the Matrix, in the world that only cares about numbers and what one can see, hear, touch.

In fact you no longer identify with living in the matrix and so you start designing your exit by acting on the inner guidance you receive.

And somehow things fall into place in such a way that your life’s work situation changes, your relationships change and basically everything and you wake up one day and you realise you  are living somewhere beautiful, doing what you love with the people you love and you know that you can still use the matrix but not be of the matrix or a slave to the matrix. 

Let me know if you have a daily spiritual practice, what it is, what it has done for you or if you plan on establishing one or if you don’t and why.

I love reading your comments.

Thank you for having been here – if you need a personal energy reading, energy clearing, or supplies for your daily spiritual practice such as herbs, incense, feel free to browse through the website.


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