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Intentional Oils & Mists

Intentionally chosen ingredients like essential oils, herbs and crystals blessed and programmed for specific intentions in powerful intention oil/mist blends to help awaken magic in your life. These formulas have been designed by Elina herself through the years in her own personal search for tools around psychic protection and other areas of life. Elina works with the angelic realms to imprint intention upon the oils making these blends incredibly powerful. You can use the oils to annoint your space, yourself or your favorite objects, your front door for protection or your wallet for abundance. Elina works with companies that source organic materials ethically and in alignment with the wellbeing of Mother Nature. The Oils and Mists are hand-blended and prayed upon by Elina herself in spiritual ceremonies that take place in sync with the phases of the Moon. Elina uses energy and sound healing, prayer, the magickal and healing properties of natural ingredients as well as your own intentions to bless and create these blends.

Psychic Protection

Psychic protection, rescue shielding from psychic attack, evil eye, negative entities.

The Lionheart

Confidence, bravery, courage, self-acceptance, self-esteem, admiration, strength.

Custom Intention Oils/Mists

Having a particular request? Do you need an oil to help you with a specific intention you are currently manifesting? Elina will ask some details about your intention and then will get to work to create a blend that supports you energetically in aligning with your intention. She will also look into the energies around you and your intention and will work with Spirit to remove obstacles from your path. Your homework will be to follow through with a prayer for the next 21 days in combination with using the oil. The prayer will be tailored based on what you share with Elina regarding what you are currently trying to manifest while working with your oil. You shall receive further instructions upon receiving your oil.

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