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Property Clearing

Energy clearing for your property

Releases heavy or negative energies and invites new vibes into your space, coaches you on how to MAINTAIN afterwards the energy of your property.

PLUS you get a set of programmed crystals shipped to you to place inside your home for the purpose of upholding the new energies of protection, prosperity and wellbeing. You also get cleansing herbs and incense as well as a singing bowl and instructions on how to use everything.

Entity release through the Akashic Records of the location, land reassignment, wipping old energies, Feng Shui etc.

Just moved into a home, apartment or other property (office, storefront etc) and the vibe somehow feels weird? It’s not just you!

Your space most probably needs energetical clearing to release and transmute the heavy vibes, allowing prosperity and wellbeing to come in.

While this service is a favourite of private individuals (home/apartment owners etc) I also gladly work with real estate companies/agents, Airbnb or hotels, energetically clearing properties before they are put on the market for sale or to be rented.

Together we will clear your property and I will also teach you all you need to know to maintain the energy of your property moving forward!

Raising the planet’s vibration a property at a time!

Our planet has such long history and a huge part of that history is somewhat grim. Often i get contacted by home owners whose homes feel energetically heavy, they face health issues, financial or personal struggles. Digging into their property’s history there is a lot one can find – from divorce or bankruptcy of the previous owners to the very land they are trying to grow a family upon having been assigned for spiritual worship centuries ago, making it hard to use this land for any other purpose today.

Everything is energy; including emotions we experienced and mental patterns we would personally entertain when occupying a place. When projected/imprinted with enough intensity (usually because of some type of tragedy or trauma) that same energy can linger in a place even after decades or centuries.

Unless energetically cleared and reassigned, a property and the energy it carries can affect those who wish to inhabit it. From sudden unexpected health issues (physical or mental) to obstacles and blockages such as inability to obtain building permits or to find buyers for a property – the hints that a property may need energetical clearing to allow new energy to flow in may vary.

Usually a long string of previous owners unable to prosper at a place should give us a clue and most often a place doesn’t even have to be tied to a tragedy in order for it to hold negative energy. A previous owner with depression or just someone with an affinity for violent movies can leave behind enough energetical imprints of depression, frustration, despair or violence for the next owners to find. 

I believe it is so important to clear a space before moving into it as well as after leaving it to new owners. If you are leaving behind an apartment you just experienced divorce or some type of loss in, be kind enough to clear it or have it cleared by a professional before having new people move in and inherit the energies you may have left behind.


In some cases, a property may have earthbound spirits or other entities attached to it. Years ago, I rented a studio that felt like the creepiest place on Earth only to find out that decades ago a satanic cult used to perform their rituals in the same building. On a lighter note, I once moved into an apartment in which I was made aware of a deep sense of sadness especially coming from the bathroom. Turns out the lady living there previously with her partner, had suffered a miscarriage and I was even shown clairvoyantly how she would sit by the bathtub mourning her loss. See, nobody had to die in that place really. Alone the intense sadness this lady had felt had been strong enough – or held long enough to settle into the space and to be picked up by me, the new owner. Needless to say I had the place cleared. Currently I reside in a very old house in Germany that used to be a pub and later served as military headquarters for the French in the early 1800s. Energetically clearing such places with respect for what came before allows us not only to make prosperous homes for ourselves but also allows whatever energies or entities to move on thus raising the consciousness and vibration of our planet one property at a time.

To determine what we have at hand, I shall do an energy reading of the place. Both the reading and clearing can be done independently of time and space so I do not have to be in your property. All i am going to need to perform reading or clearing is the full address of the property as well as permission to do so from the person responsible for the property. Unless you have some type of authority over the property I cannot proceed. In case you own a property, the person I am requesting permission from is obviously you. If we are talking about an apartment you are renting but does not belong to you (you haven’t bought it or is not to your name), the fact that you are renting it and are financially commited to the property in this way, grants you the authority to request a clearing. Keep in mind that we cannot really clear common used spaces unless all parties involved give their permission.

After i perform the clearing on an energetical level, you will be given specific instructions on how to properly bless your space (smudging rituals, herbs to use etc). What you do for the first 21 days* after the clearing is important as you will be instructed on how to imprint new energies into your property.

*21 days is the time it takes for the energy in your space to shift entirely.

Frequently Asked Questions

First I will need to make an energetic assessment of the property to figure out what we are dealing with. For this I will need the address of the property and your permission (or permission from someone who has authority and power over the property) to do clearing work. Assessment (reading) and clearing are both included in the price of 222€ as well as the coaching and instruction you will get on how to properly bless your space after i perform the distance clearing and of course the set of programmed crystals, the cleansing herbs, incense and singing bowl you will get shipped to you. You will also be given a report of what I found in the assessment before I proceed with the clearing. It is important that you know what we are clearing as consciousness is power. This report however, feel free to burn it after we are done with the clearing as those energies you no longer want to give your attention to. Just let it go.

You will be given specific instructions on smudging rituals and herbs to use as well as invocations to use for the next 21 days after the energetical cleansing. 

For the clearing to be done 100% successfully and in a way that will not allow any heavy energies to return, your part is just as important as me doing the clearing on an energetical level. You see, after the energetical clearing that i will be doing and which can be done from a distance (does not require me to be there), you, the one who holds authority over the space, will need to smudge and bless the space for the next 21 days in a row. If you skip a day you have to start from day 1 again! It is important that the 21 days blessing goes UNINTERRUPTED.

The clearing takes place immediately on an energetical level but for the energetical changes to take hold on to the dense, material, third-dimentional reality that is the actual space, we need to be imprinting the new energies for 21 days in a row. 21 is the number of days it takes for energy work to sink into the material plane. Same thing is with personal energy clearing – 21 days is the time it takes for the new energies to sit on a cellular level just enough to create enough shift so that the blessing and higher frequencies can lock in. That’s why 21 days and that’s why the 21 days ritual must be done with no skipping a day. If you skip a day because you forgot it or didn’t find time to do it or whatever reason, you need to start again from day 21. The 21 day period must be uninterrupted.

Assessment (reading) and clearing are both included in the price of 333 as well as the coaching and instructions you will get on how to properly bless your space (the 21 days ritual) after i perform the distance clearing. Through the 21 days ritual you are basically also learning all the tips and tricks you’ll need to keep your space feeling high vibe for a long time after the clearing. Maintainance is so important and you will be learning all about it through the resources and instructions I will be giving you.

I love visiting places I am called to work on but no. I do not have to go to a place in order to be able to clear it energetically. This is quantum energy work. The modality I was taught is incredibly effective despite me being elsewhere. Energy work of this type is not dependent on space and time so I do not have to come to your space to clear it. All I need is the full address and permission to do clearing work so if I have those two I do not need to be present. However, you will need to be physically present in the property during the 21 day ritual as you are to be smudging, blessing, airing the place, clearing the floors with saltwater etc.

New, fresh energy should be now able to flow into your property and into your life and the lives of those settling into the property. The space should already feel if not also look lighter.

Any dark, heavy or draining energies should have been replaced by a sense of cleanliness, peaceful calm and energetical support. Upliftment and those simply ”good vibes” should have returned. You will start noticing your own personal energy shifting together with the energy of the property since the one does infulence the other. These are things you should expect to see almost right away.

Some other things might start kicking in within the 21 days window and for sure after that. Some of these are:

If you had previously been struggling with selling the property, expect things to finally start happening (more viewings, more compatible buying candidates, eventually property getting sold). 

If you had been previously experiencing issues with building permits or other difficulties around building on the particular piece of land or issues such as legal disputes over land etc expect blockages to dissolve so your will can be done.

If the property is a storefront, business or office; expect better business, attracting more compatible clientelle, enhanced workflow and productivity, harmonious relationships between co-workers, no more overwhelm, organization running more smoothly, no more technology glitches or electricity abnormalities and more.

If within your household you had been experiencing discord, depression, fights or lethargy, expect peace and nurturing life force energy to return.

Financial matters becoming less and less until resolved or you may suddenly be met with solutions to financial struggles or burdens. Very often such solutions come in the form of own ideas and your inner guidance calling you to take specific types of action as by now there is no external forces from your environment clouding your access to your Source.

Your space should be now in best shape so you wanna make sure it stays this way! Just like we need to keep a certain level of hygiene for ourselves, same goes for our spaces. Make sure you use the techniques you learned during the 21 days to keep the energy high or clear minor energy imbalances every week or even daily if you feel so inclined.

If it is a business you are running make sure you smudge your space before or after your co-workers are in the space and make sure you air the spaces adequately whether at work or at home after you’ve smudged.

Keeping high vibrational crystals such as selenite and amethyst is good as well as placing black obsidian or black tourmaline at entryways and windows. Keeping bowls of salt water in corners of each room is also good. Just make sure you empty those at the end of the day as the salt water will have sucked all the low vibes from the space.

If this is a property you are selling there is unfortunately not much you can do to ensure the place stays high vibe once it has been bought by someone else. We can only hope the next owners will be also interested in keeping their space high vibe. Wish them the best and be happy in the knowing you have done your best while the property was still in your hands!

If you’ve read all the info on this page but are still unsure about whether this is the right service for you, feel free to send me a message by visiting the CONTACT page. Please explain your situation as specifically as possible and I will be happy to tell you if I can help you or if you need a different service of mine or if you need to work with someone else altogether. No question is silly so feel free to let me know how i can help you.

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