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ELINA LAIVERA is a mystic, trained energy worker, certified meditation coach, award-winning recording artist, holistic voice coach and channel of the light.

Born in Athens, Greece she is currently based in Germany after having been around many countries performing and exploring. She is the creatrix of Elina’s Alchemy: Intuitive Services & Metaphysical Shop found under as well as on YouTube, where she shares her intuitive gifts and the joy of connecting and working with Angels and the Spirit Realm.

The tarot, Archangel channelings, educational content on energy clearing and intuition as well as her one-on-one soul readings are some of the powerful tools she uses to connect with other human beings on a Soul level and to create a safe tribe, where others who may still be at the beginning of their spiritual journeys, can find effective vocabulary and examples to express/process/understand their own experiences and ultimately use that insight to help them create a life that supports them.

Elina runs her own production company and releases music straight from her studio where she also holds Voice Toning/Sound Healing Circle events. Her music as an independent singer, songwriter and pianist has been on charts from Germany to the Emirates.


Hello there!

This is Elina and I love sharing my spirituality path and findings with the intention to inspire, empower and sometimes simply show people a different example of being, expose them to different possibilities of what life can look like – uplifting, spiritual yet grounded into one’s humanity and embodiment, full of joy, fullfilment, authentic self-expression rooted in one’s Heart, Truth and Soul Center.

I believe we are able to co-create with the Universe in powerful ways – we just need:

1). to see examples, to become exposed to something other than what we know up until that moment and have it inspire us to create something similar for ourselves

2). the vocabulary to describe, define and call our desires into our experience

3). the faith to set intentions fearlessly from a space of Trust into the Divine Assistance available to us

4). the tools to hep us align energetically with receiving our manifestations with ease.

Sharing my own journey and what I learn through my own experience and my Angels, allows me to promote all the above for myself and others as an integral part of daily life and not as a type of spirituality that occurs behind closed doors, is exclusive, ”alien” or ”out there” in any way.

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Elina’s Alchemy is a channel focused on everyday life being a deeply spiritual practice where intuition, self-mastery and genuine high frequency living are at the forefront. Education, healing and intuitively channeled messages are to be found on this channel.

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