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Angelic Energy Healing

Light & Gentle Energy Clearing

Supports manifestation, intention setting & overall wellbeing.

As lightworkers, empaths and highly sensitive people, many of us receive and absorb unwillingly energies from our environment, people, situations, even memories or what’s on the news, what may currently be dominant in the collective’s energy field etc.

Disconnecting energetically from the above leaves us with more energy for ourselves and our own intentions. Being plugged into collective energies for too long at a time can create feelings of overwhelm or of being too much in our heads because what is actually going on is some type of energetical overload.

A soothing personal energy clearing can make a cut between us and those energies, helping us feel more at ease, grounded and able to honor our embodiment instead of feeling all fuzzy and lightheaded. If you work with groups of people or at environments where a lot is going on this mild but effective energy clearing may be of benefit for you. 

This clearing is preceeded by an energy reading to help us determine what energies  or factors your energy may be influenced by or where your energy may be channeled, sucked or depleted.

It is possible to simply have energy directed at you (a jealous ex partner or a domineering colleague you had an arguement with) or to be affected by energy existing in your environment such as earthbound entities and open portals in your building or negative thought forms from past hurt.

Either way, a personal energy clearing can help clear away stagnant or low energies allowing you to raise your vibration and become compatible with all the beautiful wonders life has to offer and you may be trying to attract/call into your human experience.

This type of energy clearing can be done more often (monthly for example) as it is light and does not overwhelm your subtle bodies – if anything it should feel like a breath of fresh air to your Spirit!

Ideal for energy workers, councelors & teachers of any type, people who work in public or are exposed to daily interaction with groups and people (from project managers and secretaries to entertainers, artists and people with strong social media presence).

If this resonates with You, feel free to write me at to book a session.

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